SAHMRI endeavours to overcome the world’s greatest health challenges and make research more transparent, understandable and accessible for the community. Their redeveloped website showcases this through a modern, crisp design underpinned by a comprehensive content strategy.

Merged two complex sites into one

Working closely together, we merged two content-rich sites together to cater to researchers, donors and the general public all in one.

Atomix worked closely with SAHMRI to merge two content-rich sites into one, distilling complex content relationships into simple, logical navigation pathways, validated by user testing.

Content is easily findable, designed to encourage users to explore and discover more about various research topics as they navigate deeper into the site. The modern design takes cues from SAHMRI’s branding and the curved shape of the iconic building.



    task success rate


    decrease in bounce rate


    minutes increase in average session duration


Goals & strategic approach
IA design & content strategy
Art direction & UI design
Custom Craft CMS

The SAHMRI website is a showcase of the vital research work being undertaken at the world-class facility.  Information is logically organised and structured, with content relationships easy to understand and information easy to digest. 

Thanks to an iterative, consultative approach, the site caters to researchers, donors and the general public all in one, with easy navigation pathways for each user group.

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