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July 31, 2022|By Josh Boorman
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Our 5 step process

We research and define the problems and turn them into challenges, driving problem research, collaboration, idea generation, testing and validation and creating investor partnerships.

  1. Discover & define

  2. Inspiration & ideas

  3. Ideation & shortlisting labs

  4. Experiment phase

  5. Implement phase

Discover & define
Inspiration & ideas
Ideation & shortlisting labs
Experiment phase
Implement phase

Our work in Borneo

Extinction in the wild within the next ten years is a very real possibility for orangutans.

Atomix created Orangutan Trekking Tours in 2016, developing a business strategy and marketing assets, to help raise awareness for the challenge facing Orangutans and provide a revenue stream for the local people.

The business has become a resounding success and has attracted some of the worlds best photographers, with one of our clients winning National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the year from the photo captured (seen here).

Fancy travelling to Borneo? Click here

Our social innovation values

When it comes to innovation we believe:

  • It's not always about the big idea.
  • What may seem like insignificant actions can lead to huge rewards. Simple ideas can solve big problems, given enough time to refine, adapt and continuously improve.

  • We are better working together.
  • Complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Great ideas come from joining snippets of one idea together with another, creating an even stronger idea and purpose.

  • Change must be inspired and come from within.
  • At the heart of any new social initiative is facilitating a new mindset or behaviour. Individuals and communities need to lead the way from within for positive change to last.
  • We learn by doing
  • We learn the most when we’re designing and testing our ideas, and not restricted by the fear of failure. We simply work out the key problems to solve and get on with it.

  • Innovation needs to be human.
  • Designing starts with listening. Humans are at the centre of what we do and understanding human behaviour, and the key problems we need to solve, is key to how we do it.

  • If it were that easy, it would’ve been done already.
  • As organisations grow, they can can lose the willingness to take risks on new ideas. To solve difficult problems, we need to take bold steps.

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