User experience design

The heart of great product design

Great digital experiences are built on a deep understanding of business and customers needs, behaviours and expectations. We use these insights to craft highly relevant and engaging content, and beautiful immersive interfaces.

Our approach to UX design

We combine a lean UX approach with our knowledge of human behaviour and the foundations of human-centred design to create meaningful products and experiences.

We’re well versed in the many UX methods, tools and frameworks allowing us to tailor approaches to meet your goals, budget and timing, while ensuring we don’t miss any crucial aspects of the process.

At Atomix, we use our brand strategy capability to:

  • Gain valuable insights from real users through research and testing.

  • Create useful and usable products that make a difference in your customers’ lives.

  • Increase your team’s velocity and bring products to market faster through an iterative and collaborative design process.

  • Build, track and report on key performance and conversion metrics vital to your business strategy.

Critical review & heuristic analysis

Optimise an existing experience

Using a set of industry-standard criteria and principles we can take a fresh look at your digital experience, identifying where there may be gaps and opportunities for improvements.

Research & analytics

Better understand your customers

Great digital experiences are built on a deep understanding of your customer’s needs, behaviours and expectations. Uncover rich insights to provide moments of great value to your customers.

Co-design & evaluate

Design with your customers

Bring together your team of subject matter experts and co-create meaningful digital experiences in partnership with your customers to solve their biggest problems.

Our UX toolkit

  • Usability testing

  • User research

  • Wireframing & prototype development

  • Art direction, UI design & design systems

  • UX audits & heuristic reviews

  • Information architecture

  • Content strategy

  • Collaborative ideation & design

Our approach to brand and user interface design

Digital touch-points aren’t just an execution of your brand: they’re an integral piece of the customer experience.

A consistent, authentic customer experience is key for success, and your digital experience – app, software, website or other platform – is often the most visible touchpoint. User interfaces are a way of not only facilitating a transaction, but a key carrier of your brand: your vision, mission, values and truth.

For us, this means immersing ourselves in how brands tap into the added communication dimensions that digital affords.

We can’t help it – we’re creatives at heart, excited by beautiful and clever interface and interaction design. You don’t have to be a retail giant or luxury brand to do great digital brand.

We love that our clients are excited by this as we are and have allowed us to flex our brand and communication design skills for their projects. You can see this all throughout our folio.

At Atomix, we use our branding, visual and user interface design capability to:

  • Create thoughtful translations of brand guidelines into highly intuitive, beautifully crafted digital art direction to tell your brand story, through photography, illustration, animation & interaction design.

  • Create effective design systems, incorporating logos, colours, typography and grids into components, patterns and templates, helping your customers navigate your digital ecosystem with consistency and standards to aid usability and build trust.

  • Create a holistic brand communication approach across all channels.

Innovate, create & evaluate

Our user research lab

Our user research lab is a comfortable and convenient resource located in the heart of North Adelaide.

The lab is a versatile space easily adapted for a range of customer research and product innovation activities, including one-on-one usability testing, in-depth interviews, competitive testing, studies in simulated user environments, design thinking and innovation workshops.

Talking to the right participants is key to success in user research. We work with some of Australia’s leading recruiters to ensure we engage the right user profiles and personas for your unique project. We can manage the recruiting, scheduling, and incentives for all participants on your behalf.

  • The lab features:
  • One-on-one testing station using a variety of devices
  • An observation deck with live-streamed footage from the testing lab
  • Video streaming & videoconferencing
  • Picture-in-picture video
  • Eye tracking technology
  • On-demand video session archives
  • High definition image, high-quality audio & session transcription
  • Wireless internet access
  • Flexible & mobile: we can bring the lab to you
  • Located conveniently in North Adelaide

User experience specialists

We’ll work with you to understand your business challenges through up-front research with your customers and stakeholders.

We’ll evaluate and refine solutions along the way using an iterative design process. You won’t get big fluffy documents from us – but you will get rich, valuable insights and recommendations through a collaborative, consultative process.

Turn meaningful insights into action

Discuss your needs, ask any questions and uncover the critical problems facing your customers.