Hosting & security plans

Web application security plans

Atomix offers a range of security plans and security hardening add-ons. We can help you to choose the right level of protection for your organisation.

Our security plans

We offer tiered levels of security protections, each offering a different level of protection for more frequent and comprehensive security updates, as well as additional inclusions at a reduced cost.

Security plan add-ons can also be applied to lower-tiered plans to suit your organisation. For more, see Security plan add-ons below.

Update inclusions & frequency

As part of our security plans, we offer 24/7 security monitoring to detect possible threats and vulnerabilities. We regularly update security vulnerabilities to protect your organisation from known and emerging threats. The frequency of security updates is based on the reported level of security risk and the tier of your security plan.

To get a better understanding of the different criticalities of security updates, please see the 'FAQs' section below.

*The primary framework will not receive major updates unless the primary framework upgrades add-on is included

Security plan add-ons

Boost your level of protection with additional security-hardening add-ons. These extras offer enhanced safeguarding for your application.

Our security plans come with built-in add-ons across various tiers. Should you require any add-ons not already included in your tier, you can easily add them to better meet your organisation's security needs.

Specialty security plans

Our specialty security plans are available to specific clients with unique security needs. They are not generally available to new or existing clients.

We can help you to choose the right level of security protection for your organisation.

Enterprise security

Atomix offers bespoke enterprise security arrangements tailored to websites, applications and clients with unique requirements that cannot be met with our standard security plans.

Enterprise security starts at $2,500/month, but costs are highly variable based on your specific requirements.


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