Alexander Symonds is one of Australia’s leading surveying companies, providing surveying and land division consultancy services for residential and commercial projects across Australia and internationally.

Since the site launched in August 2018 and compared to the previous period:

Total traffic to the website has increased by 99.58%
The number of new South Australian users has increased by 145.26%
Organic South Australian search traffic has increased by 73.1%

The Challenge

While Alexander Symonds was highly regarded by corporate clients and large developers for their surveying, land division and advisory services, the company was not perceived as an affordable option for small-scale or residential clients.

The leadership team at Alexander Symonds recognised the need to reposition the company to successfully engage smaller commercial and residential clients, involving a complete redesign of their website and content strategy.

The Strategy

The Alexander Symonds website was designed using inbound marketing and iterative design principles. 

We used a hybrid agile methodology, focusing on developing a user and data-driven website that continuously evolves as it is built.

The Atomix and Alexander Symonds team worked iteratively on the website, setting up an ongoing continuous improvement plan to learn from available data as well as changes within the business and industry.


The Design

Inspiration for the design was taken from Alexander Symonds’ branding. The focus of the design is on showcasing previous projects in a modern and simplified format.

The redesigned website and user experience has successfully helped to reposition the company as a leader in not only the construction, engineering, and mining industries, but also a trusted partner for small-scale residential projects.

The Outcome

In the three months after launching, the Alexander Symonds website saw an increase of over 70% in South Australian organic search traffic and a significant increase in quote requests for smaller residential projects.

We are continuing to work with the team at Alexander Symonds to maximise the leads from the new website through an ongoing Growth Plan.

“Alexander Symonds recently engaged Atomix for our website redesign. From the initial consult and workshop we knew we were in good hands. Their professional and understanding team enabled us to come up with a User Experience that allows us to communicate with our broad range of clients effectively. We have already seen increased web traffic and conversions as a result of this process. We look forward to working with the Atomix team to further develop a dynamic resource for our clients through the Atomix Growth Plan.” – Beau Thorley, Alexander Symonds

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