Hosting & security plans

Dedicated hosting plans

Atomix offers a range of hosting plans, designed to meet your business needs. We can help you select the right plan for your requirements.

Standard dedicated hosting

Standard dedicated hosting provides a cost-effective and hassle-free hosting experience, without the risks that classic shared hosting entails.

We recommend this for standalone websites with mild to moderate traffic.

Our standard dedicated hosting is available in four tiers:


1GB memory
32GB SSD storage (combined)
1TB included bandwidth.


2GB memory
64GB SSD storage (combined)
2TB included bandwidth.


4GB memory
128GB SSD storage (combined)
3TB included bandwidth.


8GB memory
256GB SSD storage (combined)
4TB included bandwidth.

Standard hosting add-ons

We provide a range of extensions to our standard hosting plans to meet your unique requirements:

Extra websites

$50 - $100/website/month
Add extra sites to your existing dedicated hosting environment without paying for an additional plan.

Note; additional server requirements may need to be considered based on the number and type of additional websites hosted.

Decoupled website

Additional hosting costs are incurred for decoupled websites to allow for both the decoupled CMS application and the main frontend website.

Note; includes the additional website associated with the decoupled website.

E-commerce website

E-commerce websites require additional management expenses to ensure appropriate risk mitigation for immediate and future challenges.

Premium dedicated hosting

Tailor your hosting experience to better meet client expectations with a premium dedicated hosting plan.

Premium dedicated hosting provides a suite of extensions and optional add-ons, not available in our standard dedicated hosting.

Additionally, it provides a highly configurable environment, and features extra storage options for the operating system, applications, media, and databases.

This plan is recommended for complex websites or groups of websites with moderate to high traffic expectations.

Premium dedicated hosting is available in four tiers and your choice of provider (Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform)


2GB memory*
10GB included SSD storage (app)
10GB included SSD storage (DB)
50GB included bandwidth.


4GB memory*
20GB included SSD storage (app)
10GB included SSD storage (DB)
100GB included bandwidth.


8GB memory*
30GB included SSD storage (app)
10GB included SSD storage (DB)
200GB included bandwidth.


16GB memory*
50GB included SSD storage (app)
20GB included SSD storage (DB)
300GB included bandwidth.

*actual resources may vary depending on the selected provider.

Premium hosting add-ons

Premium dedicated hosting offers a number of specialty add-ons, in addition to the ones offered with standard dedicated hosting, which can further enhance your customer's experience. These add-ons include:


Do you have a lot of content or media and can't fit it in the allocated space? We can increase the storage of your application or database independently to your instance size.


Is your website too popular for the included bandwidth in your hosting plan? Atomix will advise based on your usage if additional bandwidth is needed.

*bulk discounts are available to high-bandwidth clients.

Content distribution network (CDN)

$50/month + $450 setup
Provide a high-speed and cost-effective solution for your website and media. A CDN also offers a way to mitigate high bandwidth costs or as a cache on your website to reduce the instance size requirements.

Web application firewall (WAF)

$100/month + $900 setup
Implement a web application (layer 7) firewall in front of your website to mitigate malicious traffic from impacting your business and legitimate users.

Note: requires the addition of the CDN add-on.

Static website failover

$25/month + $1,260 setup
Prepare for the worst-case scenario by building and hosting a custom, branded, static website to serve your users in the unlikely instance that your main website is unavailable.

Note: requires the addition of either the CDN or WAF add-ons.

Image transforms

Serve users with the best possible image format and size by using dynamic image transforms, without the need to manually transform and convert images at the time of upload.

Specialty hosting plans

Our specialty hosting plans are available to specific clients with unique hosting needs. They are generally not available to new or existing clients.

Webflow hosting

For many clients, we suggest building and hosting websites in Webflow. This solution is very cost-effective without compromising on design and content flexibility.

Standard (Webflow CMS): $75/month
Premium (Webflow Business): $125/month

Static website hosting

No CMS? No problem! We can host a static website for a reduced rate. This hosting plan is the same cost as the "Decoupled website" add-on and includes the same features.

Static hosting starts at $50/month, but may incur additional bandwidth or storage costs. We will advise on any required extensions or suggested add-ons.

Enterprise hosting

For websites, applications or clients with highly specific needs that cannot be accommodated by our standard and premium hosting plans, we offer bespoke enterprise hosting arrangements tailored to your precise requirements.

Whether your require integration within your corporate cloud infrastructure or have an application structured as a collection of microservices, we will collaborate closely with you to deliver a tailored enterprise hosting solution.

Enterprise hosting starts at $1,000/month, but costs are highly variable based on your specific requirements.

Legacy/shared hosting

If you've been a long-term client with Atomix, you might currently have an older shared hosting arrangement referred to as 'Bronze', 'Silver', or 'Gold'. While these plans offered cost-effective hosting, they came with some risks due to shared resources among applications.

We have discontinued these legacy plans, but if you're currently on one of them and wish to upgrade to one of our current hosting options, please feel free to reach out. Our support team is here to assist you in making a smooth transition.


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