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User Experience is at the heart of what we do

Using data analysis, creative strategies and empathy, we build intuitive experiences that inspire your audience and grow your business.

By understanding their motivations, challenges, mindset and goals, we build digital experiences that matter to the people who matter to you.

  • Enhance your sales funnel, convert customers & increase ROI

  • Differentiate your brand from the competition

  • Help your audience achieve their goals faster

  • Develop meaningful relationships to improve lifetime value

Great experiences don’t just happen. They’re made.

Take Uber, for example. The traditional taxi experience includes slow response times, difficult booking systems, and the endless battle to split fares or pay at the end of the trip.

Uber simplified the booking process, made paying for the trip as easy as the press of a button, and empowered drivers to increase their success through a user rating system. Uber took over the taxi industry in a perfect storm, with customers singing their praises to anyone who’ll listen.

// Our approach

Flexible strategies

Our UX process adapts to each new project. We work with you to understand your objectives, uncover opportunities and build the best solution.

Consultative process

Your business will succeed with our invested, collaborative approach. We stay focused on your goals with close partnership and regular communication.

In-depth data analysis

A scientific approach to experimentation helps us understand the specifics about how people interact with your website and how to make it better.

// Our UX toolkit

User Persona Development

User Testing & Analytics

Wireframe Development

Creative Design

Expert UX Audit

Information Architecture



// Why choose atomix?

atomix are the bridge between where you want your business to be and your customers’ ideal experience.

We combine your business objectives with your customers’ expectations to deliver high quality UX solutions. Our team of experts are invested in your success and want to help you grow your business and enrich your brand, drawing from industry knowledge and a passion for innovation.

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// Great UX design in action

// Our UX team

Atomix Staff - Josh Boorman - Managing Director

Josh Boorman
Digital Strategist, UX Architect, UX Researcher

Atomix Staff - Jamie Esterman - Creative Director

Jamie Esterman
UX Strategist, UX Architect, UI Designer

Hannah Chipperfield
UX Strategist, UX Researcher, UX Writer

Amy Sincock
UX Architect, UX Writer

Malinda Fonseka
UI Designer, UX Wireframer

Daisy Crowder
UI Designer, UX Wireframer

User experience shouldn’t just be good; it should be great.

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