Great customer experiences extend beyond your website

Digital experiences rarely create joy on their own, it comes from the holistic interaction with the brand and service. 

The service and experience economy is well upon us. Now more than ever, brands need to provide positive, connected and relevant experiences to become differentiated in a crowded product and service space. Service design will help you unpack what’s underneath, driving valuable experiences for both your customers and your employees.

People in service design workshop

But how? We believe that great services and experiences can be designed through better understanding your people and operations, effective collaboration and facilitating change across individuals and the organisation. Using a service design framework allows us to do this.

Using the best practices from research, strategy and other design disciplines, service design helps our clients redesign their existing services and launch innovative new service experiences.

At Atomix, we use our service design capability to:

  • Research and collaborate with customers and employees to understand how all touchpoints, and in particular digital technology, plays a crucial role in the end-to-end customer experience.
  • Map and create visualisations of relationships across departments, systems, processes and platforms that uncover the gaps and opportunities to provide customers with high-value moments and a cohesive customer experience.
  • Work together to put in place service performance measurement and enable service change within the organisation.

We can help you

Service design audit icon

Audit an existing service

Utilising a set of industry-standard criteria and principles we can take a fresh look at your service, identifying where there may be gaps and opportunities for improvements.

Service design map icon

Deep dive into service

We’ll bring together all the right people in your business (including customers) to map out the current state of your service and build a roadmap for future action and implementation.

Service design workshop icon

Design a connected experience

Reframe key problems and create innovative service experiences through a highly collaborative design process. Then build a proof of concept to test with customers and iterate.

Talk to our Strategy team to find out the many ways we can approach design and research to suit your needs, budget and timing.

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Service design, organisational culture and readiness for change

Service design can’t happen without change.

We love helping our clients get in place an effective runway for service design and delivery. This often means stripping down the language and approaches that can be confusing and hinder positive, collaborative working environments.

It means making design (and research) operational, ensuring that everyone contributes to and is excited by the design process. And to get that into place, we can help you deep dive into organisational culture and readiness for service design change.

Turn meaningful insights into action

Contact our Strategy team to discuss your needs, ask any questions and find out the many ways we can help solve problems for your business and customers.