As part of the South Australian Tourism Commission’s comprehensive digital strategy to drive visitation to South Australia, the redesigned reflects the organisation’s commitment to deliver valuable qualified leads to tourism businesses across the state while providing an exceptional user experience.

With almost 70% of their website traffic occurring on mobile devices, it is critical for to have an engaging, seamless user experience across devices.

With a short two-month deadline and an ambitious goal of achieving 180K qualified leads to SA tourism operators by the end of 2018, we approached the redesign project with a streamlined and agile methodology, with a substantial focus on the mobile experience.

The UX Strategy

In order to gain an understanding of’s primary user groups, we began with mapping out the customer journey to identify opportunities to help users quickly and easily find what they need.

We then moved into wireframing and lo-fidelity prototype concept testing to validate our initial designs. Face-to-face user concept testing and site navigation structure testing were used to gain an understanding of how users naturally group and classify information, and which labels most resonated with these users.

Collaborative Process

Our digital design team worked collaboratively with the SATC brand team to co-design the new website prototypes and create an incredible user experience.

Multiple workshops, regular stakeholder engagement sessions, work-in-progress and checkpoint meetings ensured the entire UX strategy and redesign process flowed in an agile, streamlined fashion.

The Design

Our digital design team, in collaboration with the SATC brand team, created a prioritised wishlist of features and functionality to support’s key persona groups.

The combination of large, showcase imagery with an intuitive card design and visually interactive map ensures users can easily browse products, experiences and destinations and quickly build their dream South Australian holiday.

The Outcome

The South Australian Tourism Commission’s digital strategy, encompassing the new website, has led to a 215% increase in qualified leads from the website to SA tourism operators as compared to the previous financial year.

The atomix team are proud to have been able to collaborate on a project and work with an organisation that creates such a positive impact within the South Australian community.

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