As a modern, dynamic law firm, Finlaysons needs a website that reinforces their experience, national presence, and highly capable team.

Through our collaborative creative process, their new website now showcases their unique value and position in the market better than ever before. The improved content management system makes their content-heavy website easier to manage and edit, allowing the Finlaysons team to activate their audience through inbound marketing activities.

The Challenge

Finlaysons’ previous website was outdated and didn’t reflect their brand as a modern, dynamic law firm. Users were having trouble accessing the information they needed and the site didn’t reflect the size of the business and prestige of their brand.

The website needed a complete overhaul, from conversion optimisation to information architecture and user experience. Finlaysons needed to establish themselves as a modern, dynamic law firm with a national presence. The information presented on their website needed to be organised in a user-friendly, intuitive way to increase engagement and ROI.

Our Solution

Our solution for Finlaysons was to create an interactive, user-friendly website to increase engagement and position them as a highly capable, modern, dynamic law firm.

We applied inbound marketing methodology to the site, reorganising the content and creating clear, strong messaging that is easy to find.

Strategy & UX

To achieve this, we implemented a collaborative strategy. We held a UX workshop with Finlaysons to identify their key goals, as well as understand their business and their target audience. We conducted live user testing to gauge what solution would be the best fit for their target audience.

Key stakeholders in the Finlaysons business needed to be across the entire build process, and the flexibility of the project managers, strategists, writers and developers at atomix meant that, although the build was detailed, the final product was delivered on schedule.


Communication and collaboration was critical to the build process for Finlaysons. By using collaboration tools and apps, we were able to have various key stakeholders at Finlaysons engaged at different stages along the project timeline.

As a content-heavy website, Finlaysons needed a way to easily edit and format their content without cutting it down. We built a content management system that is simple and easy to use, so the Finlaysons team can optimise their content for inbound marketing.


Finlaysons’ website now reflects their branding much more than ever before. The site is easy to edit through a content management system, and simple to optimise for inbound marketing.

The new website reinforces Finlaysons as a modern, dynamic law firm with a national presence and a professional, highly capable team.

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