Frequently asked questions: PHP migrations

From April 2024, Atomix hosting will only be available to websites that are PHP 7.4 or higher. PHP is a server-side programming language used to power many functions on a website, and is updated over time by the PHP group. Over time, newer versions are released with new or improved functionality and patches for security vulnerabilities, and older versions become deprecated, in that they are no longer actively supported by the PHP group.

To continue providing the most secure hosting environment as possible, whilst understanding that not all websites can work on the most recent PHP versions, Atomix hosted servers must be PHP 7.4 or higher.

We're here to support you and make the PHP migration as smooth as possible. If you have any other questions that haven't been covered in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is PHP and why do we need to keep it up to date?
What updates are covered under my security plan?
What are my alternatives if I don't want to upgrade PHP?
How does PHP version support work?
How often should we be updating the major PHP version?
Why is now the right time to upgrade?
What are the benefits of upgrading PHP?
What version do we recommend upgrading to?
What happens if I don’t upgrade before the deadline?

Last updated 24/01/2024.

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