Cormie is an entirely bespoke website with project features and functionality built from scratch, the results are a powerful combination of content and eCommerce capability.

Project summary

With an ambitious goal of a highly customised eCommerce platform built from the ground up without any compromise on page speed and functionality, Atomix approached the project with a streamlined and agile methodology.

Key services:

The brief:

  • Use detailed qualitative and quantitative insights and testing to enhance the user experience.
  • Develop advanced, custom solutions in Craft for an eCommerce platform with highly custom functionality.
  • Generate qualified leads through paid campaigns that resonate with the target audience.
  • Integrate the online store with analytics for advanced eCommerce conversion tracking.
  • Build a Cormie Client Centre admin portal for careers and B2B sales, to be launched in the future phase.

The outcome

An attractive eCommerce website with a highly-informed strategy based on extensive user testing and research. With custom functionality designed to make the user experience seamless, it is a modern, user-friendly sales and marketing machine.

The impact

  • First paid Facebook campaign generated 333 leads to receive a product sample pack.
  • An average bounce rate of 15.45% with the average user visiting over 6 pages per session.
  • Almost instantaneous load time on all devices.
  • Product selector, dynamic filtering and quiz flow custom functionalities to optimise the user experience.
  • Intuitive digital analytics to track the complete user sales journey.

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Collaboration with Cormie was a core component in establishing a successful digital strategy and user experience.

Through several digital strategy workshops, we worked to understand the views and needs of Cormie customers as well as Cormie’s own business goals and opportunities.

Next, key user scenarios were explored, delving into the minds of the customers to uncover the functionality required on the website. Customer journey map workshops with participants uncovered areas of opportunity across the lifecycle of the product. These workshop findings formed the basis of the website ideation process. In order to optimise the website for the user our core objective is to always acknowledge their goals and challenges.

A deliberate digital strategy ensures Atomix delivers the optimal user experience design for Cormie placing them at the top of their industry in a digital space.

We take a lean approach to UX, combined with our knowledge of human behaviour and user-centred design, we worked to deliver outcomes that matter to the customers of Cormie.

We undertook user testing sessions, the main purpose of these is to sense check feature usability and functionality, while also testing website layouts.

User testing was essential to ensure that information and custom functions were presented in a logical, human-centred way. We achieved this through wire-framing and high-fidelity prototype concept testing to gain an understanding of how users naturally group and understand information, and which features most resonated.

Following a systems evaluation of available platforms and solutions, the website was custom-built using Craft CMS. Chosen for its unique ability to build the CMS, eCommerce site and the Client Centre whilst remaining highly flexible and customisable.

By developing a custom eCommerce platform there were a number of resulting key benefits, both for the users and for Cormie.


  • The opportunity to build out Cormie’s B2B and B2C sites on one platform while also being the most cost effective.
  • A decoupled front-end and back-end means the website is incredibly secure.
  • The decoupled website also allows for a separation of concerns. Each component can be replaced without the need for a front-end rebuild for future projects such as a CMS change or a mobile app.
  • Greater control and customisation of page content for SEO purposes.
  • Custom integration with a third-party freight management provider, enabling a more streamlined supply-chain.
  • Fully customisable functionality without compromising page speed, allows for seamless user navigation and improved search rankings.
  • Faster development speed. The modern tooling allows for faster and more-efficient software delivery.
  • High levels of performance and reliability that isn’t feasible normally.


The custom CMS enables content administrators to easily add new products, enable a sales or alert banner and enable a ‘free sample’ offering site-wide. Included in the custom functionality is the product selector, enabling customers to eliminate products irrelevant to their wants and needs for a more streamlined purchasing experience. Additionally, the custom build allows for a ‘funding eligibility’ quiz, dynamic product filtering, pop-up chart modals and an information flow that aids the user throughout the purchasing journey.

Ultimately, the custom web development facilitates a more personalised user experience with full functionality and performance.

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