Shitbox Rally Recap and a User Experience Transformation

Monday, September 11, 2017 | By Amy Sincock
Read time: 3-4 mins
Shitbox rally group photo

As many of you would know, Josh and Sam took on the Shitbox challenge earlier this year.

They travelled all the way from Adelaide to Cairns in an $850 bomb to raise money for cancer research. It was an incredible and uplifting experience that they both say they’ll never forget. Their bomb even made it all the way to the finish line in Cairns!

A big thank you again to everyone who donated, and especially our major sponsors. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to join the rally at all, let alone meet our goal to raise $10,000.


Shitbox Rally major sponsors stickers


Shitbox Rally has now made over $12 million for the Cancer Council! This money goes towards improvements in diagnosis, treatment and support for cancer patients and their families. What a huge achievement!  

Not content with just raising money for our own atomix team, we also refreshed and relaunched the Shitbox Rally website (check out the pictures from our launch party here). Taking the tight time constraints on as an extra challenge, we managed to pull the new website together within a month. We’ve now also launched the new Mystery Box website as well!


Josh and Sam in Oodnadatta during Shitbox Rally


Creating a user experience that promotes smarter fundraising

When we first decided to simplify the Shitbox Rally website’s user experience and create a more engaging platform, we wanted to inspire people to donate and get involved. The new website is more modern and uses creative design to connect the rally’s excitement and adventure to the digital space. The website launch enjoyed a great positive reaction from Shitbox Rally’s big crowd of fans and followers.
Shitbox Rally Website Launch Facebook Post

During our long working relationship with Box Rallies, we had always had issues with their donation platform. Throughout the Rally, we saw firsthand what the overall experience was like for teams trying to raise money.

The process of going to donate was a jarring experience thanks to a disjointed link between the old system and the new Shitbox Rally website. In the backend, the Box Rally team couldn’t access data insights to help them optimise their fundraising strategy. Similarly, teams weren’t able to access education or tools to help them promote themselves and increase critical donations.


Back Window shitbox Rally


We Give: A donation platform that makes donating money a simple, intuitive task

Building a better system that empowers the Box Rally staff and their 220+ teams to improve their fundraising efforts and raise more money for the Cancer Council was a no-brainer. As a result, as soon as Josh and Sam got back, they got to work perfecting a new online donation platform. 

We Give is designed to improve the donation user experience for any charity or event. It’s easy to customise, making it perfect for charities that want a seamless transition between their website and their donation platform.


We Give Logo


We Give improves the flow for visitors, removing any challenges or blocks in the way of making their donation. In the admin section, teams and charities can also access real data insights to understand what’s working and what’s not. These insights help them continually improve their fundraising efforts.

There are lots of exciting plans in the works for We Give. Stay in touch to find out about the next lot of great updates! We’ll continue to improve the user experience of Box Rallies donation platform, empowering staff and team to increase the donations made to the Cancer Council overall.



Our commitment to a positive impact

Our team takes our commitment to building better experiences seriously. Supporting a culture that celebrates giving back to the community is part of creating a workplace that people feel good about coming to everyday. We’re always looking for new ways we can bring our expertise into play to improve people’s experiences in a valuable way.


Josh and Sam in Shitbox Rally


As for Josh and Sam, they’re fully recovered from their adventure. How will they go bigger and better next year? We can’t wait to find out!