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Dec 13, 2018|By atomix
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A lot can change in less than three years, we’ve updated this post in 2021. Check it out here.

Let’s be honest; Adelaide hasn’t always had the best reputation.

For years, our small city has been on the receiving end of harsh jokes from the east coast. But in good news, things are changing. Adelaide has attracted international attention for its enviable (and affordable) lifestyle, award-winning wine regions and beaches on our doorstep, small bar scene and endless arts and culture festivals.

These great benefits aren’t limited to life outside work, either. The downsizing of the manufacturing industry in South Australia has led the government to focus on the digital economy. Initiatives like the Digital Economy Strategy and Ten Gigabit Adelaide are giving businesses a much needed boost and driving an upsurge in digital transformation across the state.

What this means is that digital job opportunities in Adelaide are booming! So if you’re looking for your next big role in the user experience space, Adelaide has everything you need to boost your career while living in one of the world’s most liveable cities!

Still not sure? Here are our top six reasons a UXer should move to Adelaide!


1. We’re a state with innovation high on the agenda

Elon Musk built the world’s largest lithium-ion battery storage project in South Australia. Further, GigCity is connecting entrepreneurial hubs to a 10 gigabit internet speed to attract foreign and interstate businesses to Adelaide. The state government is supporting local startups to reach out to international markets and find opportunities to scale up quickly.

The government is offering all sort of incentives to starting and running businesses here, attracting everything from startups to global juggernauts. Operating under the Mill Film banner, Technicolour’s new post production studio is in full flight – right here in Adelaide. These initiatives all showcase South Australia’s passion for innovation and growth.

2. The sudden growth means there’s a skills shortage

As new and growing companies move into Adelaide, the digital transformation boom leads many of them to seek a competitive edge online. It’s an area where talented UX professionals are worth their weight in gold, but the sudden growth of the industry has left the city without enough of us to go around.

The term ‘UX Designer’ can encompass a variety of skills and knowledge for each different project. Whether you are a generalist valued for your ability to adapt to the needs of each company project, or you offer a specialisation, there is great demand for team members at every skill level

Now is the perfect time to join Adelaide’s burgeoning digital industry with plenty of great opportunities to work on inspiring, impactful projects.

3. Make your mark with less restraints

The shortage of skilled UX professionals means you can hit the ground running and make a considerable impact quickly.

In our experience, companies don’t have strong user experience strategies in place yet, but they’re starting to realise the importance of having them. Instead of sticking to a pre-existing strategy, you’re likely to have the opportunity to get in right at the beginning and set it up the way you think will have the best chance of success.


4. Advance your career by helping to train the next generation

Another side effect of a skills shortage is a rise in people looking for training or mentoring in the UX field.

One of the best ways to really solidify your understanding of something is to teach it to someone else. By engaging in the different training programs and meetup groups that are starting up in Adelaide, you not only showcase your expertise, but enhance your own learning and help to build a vibrant community of UXers!

5. Enjoy an enviable lifestyle full of food, wine and culture

Ok, enough of the job stuff. Life isn’t all about career advancement. Work life balance is important. And Adelaide is lucky to enjoy some of the best foodie and festival culture in the country.

One of the most liveable and friendly!

Rated one of the world’s ‘Most Friendly’ Cities, expect to bond over a bevvy or two with the locals or enjoy the city’s excellent walkability. Additionally, for six straight years Adelaide has also been named in the top ten of The Economists’  most liveable cities, and for good reason! (see below)

Incredible regions on our doorstep

With award winning regions like the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills on the doorstep full of incredible wine and local produce, your weekends are sorted. If you prefer to be more active in your spare time, there are cycling trails, hiking trails, pristine beaches, balloon rides and all sorts of fun ways to get out and about in the outdoors. You can even travel a little further out and spend time camping (or glamping) in the stunning Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in Australia.

We truly are the festival state

Womadelaide. The Cabaret Festival. The Adelaide Fringe Festival. SALA. Beer and BBQ Festival. The Adelaide Festival of the Arts. Adelaide Film Festival. Cheesefest + Ferment. Tasting Australia. The Adelaide Guitar Festival. The list goes on. No matter what you’re into, you’ll find a thriving community of fellow fans at the many festivals held throughout the year.


The cost of living is much lower than Melbourne or Sydney

We all know money isn’t everything. However, when the average rent in Melbourne is 41% higher (and in Sydney a whopping 99% higher) than in Adelaide, the difference in affordability is noticeable.

World famous chefs and producers

From the city to the wine regions and beaches, Adelaide is home to world famous chefs and producers. With mouthwatering local produce on your doorstep, you’ll find something to whet your appetite no matter what cuisine you’re looking for.

An ambitious small bar scene

Every month we’re seeing new small quirky bars pop up; some with themes and specialities, some with stories to tell, and some that are just here for a good time. For rock and roll grit, try Cry Baby. For jazz and burlesque, try Nineteen Ten. Or for a New Orleans blues vibe and the finest beer and spirits, try NOLA. And there’s so many more.


6. We’ll relocate you…

atomix are a user experience and digital agency based in North Adelaide, and we’re looking for the best UX talent to collaborate on some of South Australia’s most exciting and innovative projects. We’re always looking to build our UX capability and are happy to help the right people to relocate. We’ll even take you on a tour of our favourite spots to get you acclimatised!

Learn who we are by visiting our About Us page or checking out our Instagram.

Now is the perfect time to move to Adelaide for your UX career.

With a growing number of opportunities, come and find out why Adelaide is consistently rated one of the most liveable (yet affordable) cities. We’ve got a place for you!

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