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Mar 30, 2021|By atomix
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Digital transformation goes viral. Our 2020 in review.

The health crisis has been so difficult and overwhelming. Many of us are still learning how much the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our relationships, not only with one another, but with work, leisure and everything in between.

Few of us will ever feel the same again about toilet paper or face masks! It has also been an era so defined by social media misinformation – and disinformation – that there is even a national MisInfoDay schools event in the USA.

When we look beyond health, retail, hospitality and tourism and other ‘frontline’ sectors that have borne the brunt of the crisis, we can begin to see what ‘business as usual’ may be like for enterprises in years to come. 

Working from home is clearly here to stay for some of us. In 2020, most organisations in the ‘knowledge economy’ embraced flexible working arrangements. This dramatically accelerated the trend of remote working and we have seen tech companies like Google extend their work-from-home programs an entire year. For many enterprises, this will become permanent

This is a big part of why many of us will continue to spend time with our devices, even when we are not working, doing everything from binge-watching to shopping online. It’s no surprise that Australian ecommerce purchases increased a whopping 10% in 2020. As much as we love our studio jungle, the team at Atomix have long been familiar with remote work, though the challenges of 2020 provided us with unique opportunities to co-create digital transformations with a range of enterprises. So let’s take a look.

This is the second in a three-part blog series that explores how human-centred digital connected people through a most extraordinary year.

Cancer Council SA: making it easier to deal with something difficult online

In the last year, cancer has affected the health of more than four times the number of Australians than the Covid-19 pandemic. It makes sense that hundreds of thousands of us turn to Cancer Council SA to better understand cancer and its impacts. This was accentuated in 2020 as many high-risk people undergoing cancer treatment had fewer options to interact due to public health advice and social distancing requirements.

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This website project was epic. The extraordinary volume of information – over 1000 pages – made this project an ideal candidate for future-focused tech capable of almost instantaneous loading, improved search rankingsof and mission-critical security.

We took a human-centric approach to user experience (UX) design with the organisation’s staff, volunteers and community members. This helped us deliver an easy-to-administer website that empowers the organisation and the public with vital information that is now 75% easier to access. 

Cancer Council SA’s new website has meant that everyone can find what they need more swiftly. This means that it is easier and more appealing for visitors to linger and explore options to donate, volunteer or support campaign efforts; all valuable engagement for this not-for-profit when so much of what needs to be done, has to be done online.

  • Atomix shared the success with: strategy and design thinking workshops, user experience (UX) research, information architecture design and testing, qualitative testing and UI design, custom web development, JAMStack methodology and headless WordPress CMS.

A much more caring online experience: read our case study

Finlaysons: putting relationships into practice

We are now all too familiar with the unexpected. When challenges and opportunities emerge for any business, strong relationships with trusted advisors are vital. Corporate and commercial law firm, Finlaysons, know this better than most.

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Finlaysons’ people are relationship-driven, so a highly collaborative approach was clearly the right digital strategy. Once our user experience workshop helped set the business goals, we found out what customers needed most. As we built the site, we used online collaboration tools to fit in with some very busy client schedules! 

As a result of all this hard work, we were able to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly website with a completely rebranded front-end connected to the WordPress CMS. This gives key people full access to a publishing platform that helps this information-rich website remain fresh and relevant.

The design, development and growth journey for Finlaysons during a year full of difficulty for many of their clients has delivered a strong return on investment, with a nearly 200% increase in new users and a 131% increase in page views. 

  • Atomix brought relationships to life with: user experience (UX) research, information architecture design and testing, custom website design, WordPress CMS.

Celebrating a legal win: visit their new website

Santos: re-energising digital engagement

Santos has been an energy industry pioneer since 1954. More than six decades years later, a website launched at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic affirms this, delivering exceptional end-to-end visitor experiences.

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We were able to develop an intuitive, flexible and speedy experience for the Santos team. With deft use of a customised WordPress content management system, we made it easy to scale this enterprise’s digital presence if and when required. Content administrators can now easily add and update information, resources and broadcast immediate event alerts – tasks which they previously found labour-intensive.

This website inspires confidence and reassures visitors and the company’s many partners in the corporate, government and community sectors. It’s also a better hub for investors, with embedded ASX data providing a comprehensive source of real-time and historical share data.

Through a sustained process of engagement and development, we streamlined more than 2000 pages and customised administration management. In the process we increased visitor session duration by 31% and decreased bounce rates across every kind of digital device imaginable.

  • Atomix brought the energy with: content review framework, SEO optimisation, information architecture strategy, alert functionality, custom website development, custom WordPress CMS, ASX data integration.

Celebrating a new era for an energy pioneer: read our case study.

Reimagine your enterprise with us

The whole team at Atomix is committed to making a difference by delivering outcomes that matter. Teamwork is what makes a difference in a professional partnership, as we enjoyed with enterprises as diverse as a cancer charity, a commercial law firm, an energy industry pioneer and people supporting medical professionals through a global health crisis. 

Whatever is on your mind, when it comes to people and digital working well together, we’ll find a way to make this a reality for you. Why not get in touch today? Email us at to get started.

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