Move with the times. And the customers. We’ll build you one website that works on all their devices.

Not so long ago, web design was only for desktop computers. Then along came mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. Which meant web developers had to build extra websites just for mobile specs. Now mobile and tablet internet use has overtaken desktop internet use. Instead of paying for those extra sites, step forward with responsive design.


Zoos SA Responsive Design

// get a website that is optimised for every device

The team at atomix are experts when it comes to responsive web design. If you want to be at the forefront of the web, you need a responsive web design for tablet and mobile. Responsive design means your website will always look smart and function perfectly on any device. We build a single website using flexible CSS grids and jQuery plugins – eliminating the need for multiple websites – saving on development costs and, ultimately, allowing you to capture every opportunity for a sale.

time to go mobile

// we take it to the next level

Our mobile sites go beyond expectations. We don’t just make our websites mobile accessible; we make them as visually pleasing, user friendly and impressive as any of our full scale web designs. The atomix responsive solution includes amazing features like sticky navigation, mobile header, mobile menu and adaptive images.

// 100% future proof

Technology moves fast. Mobile devices are changing and updating constantly. While it’s important to make sure your website is mobile responsive, we also stay on top of emerging technologies to guarantee that your site changes with the times. Think about it, if the screen resolutions are changing, shouldn’t the content you’re looking at change too?

// 100% user friendly

We believe that simplicity is the key. We use the most user friendly mobile menu currently available, where the user is provided with a minimal header as well as a ‘Facebook style’ left hand mobile menu. We know what works to make your mobile website as user friendly as possible.

// we do mobile first

Five years ago, nobody ever asked us to create a mobile site before a desktop website. Now it’s what we always recommend. We’ve adopted the emerging standard ‘mobile first’ approach for both the creative process and implementation. Knowing how things will appear mobile ensures the website hierarchy and flow is perfect on all devices. This means you won’t miss out on opportunities to engage with and sell to your customers.

We’re ready to go!

Starting to panic about your lack of mobile responsiveness? Relax, we’ve got you covered!

The team at atomix are ready and waiting to start your project and take your business to the next level. Call us today or use the online contact form. You will be happy that you did.