Excuse the trumpet, but this is one of our specialities.

Whether you’re a sporting club, an arts organisation or a community group with shared ideals, we can create a website that appeals to your membership base and drives signups.


start boosting your membership today

// get together with your supporters

Imagine having one website where you can offer online membership sales and renewals, showcase upcoming events and provide all the necessary supporting information, engage with your audience through fan pages, post the latest news, conduct a petition and more. We can make it possible.

// atmosphere, electricity and practical stuff too

You want a site that reflects your offer… The excitement of a sporting match, the drama of a performance, the shared sense of purpose. Our creative team works to bring this to life, so that your target audience wants to be part of your group. Using eye-catching visuals, video and audio, plus carefully created opportunities for engagement, we’ll build a strong connection between your organisation and your audience.

// we’ll drive conversions, not just visits

Driving traffic to your membership website through SEO, social media and paid marketing is all in a day’s work for us. However, what makes us different from many other digital agencies, is that we’re skilled in conversion optimisation. Our user focussed strategy includes taking time to really understand customer journeys, optimise progression through the sales funnel, streamline processes, increase engagement, reduce exit rates and discover hidden opportunities for moving people from being visitors to members.

// free up your staff

More hours in the day. Less overtime. More time to spend on other tasks… One of the biggest benefits of our membership websites is that they do the work for you. New memberships, renewals (including memberships previously purchased via a call centre), finding information about seating, etc – they can all be done online by the user. And, with our streamlined processes and clear offers, they’re happy to do it all themselves. Because we make the online experience quicker and easier than picking up the phone.

// renewals like they should be – fast and easy

Most people like the status quo. So, who are we to argue? We create dedicated renewals pages to reduce barriers to re-signing. You know the barriers – like making members scroll through stacks of information they already know or re-enter all their details. With a streamlined process, you can better retain your current membership base, year after year.

// add interactive seating maps and more

Audiences want control and they want things to be simple. When it comes to memberships, we add filters to drill down and make it easier to choose the perfect level. When it comes to seating maps, we make them interactive and easily accessible. We add the FAQ section into the membership area, where it’s needed most. We add social media feeds. We think like a member – meaning your users get the best experience and you get the best results.

// a website that’s made for mobile

Memberships are made for shared experiences. So, it’s no surprise that people most often access membership sites when they’re out with friends. We don’t let any opportunities get away. Working with ‘mobile first’ design, we make sure your new site works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer.

// from the biggest sports teams to influential unions

We’ve put our strategic expertise and technical skills to work for some of the biggest names in the business. From AFL’s Sydney Swans, Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows, to NRL’s Canberra Raiders, to the SDA (Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees’ Association SA & NT). Maybe it’s time we talked to you?

Encourage sign ups and give your members the experience they deserve. They’ll keep coming back for more with an atomix membership website