We make sure that every interaction on your site is valuable, so all your customers hear is “it’s all about you”.

Essentially, UX design is about analysing what people need from your website against what you need the website to achieve, and then designing a User Interface (UI) that is optimised for both. Good UX minimises frustration for your users while maximising the effectiveness of the site. It consults the end user repeatedly throughout the design process. Tests things out during this time. And applies what we learn to improve the final experience.

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// UX design for better ROI

When you put the user experience at the heart of website design, you end up with websites that deliver on your objectives. Want more ticket sales? Make it easy to purchase tickets. Want to showcase your company’s proprietary technologies? Address your client’s pain points and demonstrate your product’s benefits. But how do you make sure you’re optimising these opportunities? And not missing out on others? You focus on the user experience (UX) and apply user-centred design (UCD).

// a better experience

Let’s make this simple… You want functionality and results. Your customers want ease-of-use and a seamless experience. So, UX, or user experience, is focussed on producing an interface that ticks all the right boxes. Before we start any coding for the website or app, we take the time to carefully research and analyse your potential user types, ask all the questions that a user would want to know, and deliver a plan for how we can design an effective user interface that streamlines their experience and delivers on your outcomes and objectives.

// we get inside your customers' heads

You have a target market. We get to know them. We want to understand how they think – their motivations, their attitudes, their relationships with digital media, their buying habits, their preferences. From this, we can develop key user personas to make sure that every visitor to the site has a tailored experience.

// going with the flow, living the customer experience

Within UX strategy, we start by doing things like identifying user pathways and flow, benchmarking competitors and evaluating data from existing websites to understand why people are acting the way they do. From this, we can produce a customer experience map showing all the ways that your customers interact with you. Think of it as the backbone of your design process.It’s about creating a smart framework before thinking about the images or the copy.

// better organisation, real user testing

With the research completed, we organise all your information into a sitemap to make it as easy to find as possible. Then we produce wireframes (which are essentially line drawings of your web pages) to explore design options and navigation. Along the way, we use focus groups of people within your target market to test our ideas and get feedback. It’s a detailed process, but it helps to create a simple, beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that your audience will love to use.

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