Sydney Swans

With one of the greatest fan followings in Australia, the Sydney Swans needed a site optimised for their members’ user experience. With faster loading, attractive graphics and dynamic functionalities, the resulting website seamlessly delivers the game day experience online.

Project summary

As Australia’s #1 supported club, the Sydney Swans needed to be able to easily engage with over 1 million fans.

Key services:

The brief:

  • Deliver a seamless user experience with particular emphasis on mobile devices.
  • Improve the usability of the membership package area.
  • Streamline support centre requests with improved information flow.
  • Develop interactive elements including dynamic filtering and interactive seating map functionalities.
  • Design a contemporary website which reflects Sydney Swans’ updated branding and club values.

The outcome

A seamless user experience, the use of contemporary design and animation engages users with the Sydney Swan brand. Atomix delivered a site that serves members game day pride and spectacle on any device.


The impact

  • Since its 2014 revision, the Membership Website has seen an 163% increase in page views and 36% increase in session duration.
  • Dynamic filtering functionality features prominently with clear membership comparison.
  • Custom WordPress CMS for greater content customisation, delivering high-quality design values without compromising page speed.
  • Live chat functionality, the website is the first port of call for fans to find information.
  • 4-month turnaround from strategy to launch.

Visit the new website

Sydney Swans have a long-term relationship with Atomix, since 2012 we have worked to create a digital experience unseen in any other football club, with innovations such as dynamic membership comparison, animation and parallax effects, interactive seating maps, and a ‘self-serve’ support centre to drive purchases and improve the ticketing experience. The results impart some of that match day spectacle with a sense of belonging, pride and privilege.

Our approach

User experience was at the heart of this project, by understanding the challenges and goals of members we uncovered ways to prioritise and deliver information, ultimately increasing online sales and reducing the need for phone and email support centres.

Through conducting several UX audits of the site and our extensive knowledge of human behaviour, the site delivers a user-centred design, evident by the 14% increase in pages viewed per session and 35% increase in session duration.

With a strategy focussed on simplifying the membership decision making process, we set out to reduce the number of clicks needed to make an informed purchase. The intuitive interface enables easy comparison between membership packages as well as clear navigation to the pages that matter. The delivery of information is catered to every stage of the customer journey.

The ‘paradox of choice’ was evident here as users prefer to filter product ranges rather than to make unassisted decisions. On the site, members use the dynamic filtering to only show packages relevant to them. Interactive seating maps streamline the ticketing experience, meanwhile live chat functionality and improved FAQ information delivery allows members to ‘self-serve’ their support needs.

‘We are the Bloods’

At the core of the creative design is the Sydney Swans’ distinguishable branding. The site showcases the newly launched visuals and logo with engaging animations and video.

Each small detail is given consideration, down to the wink of the logo’s swan. The resulting design is contemporary whilst still functional and intuitive. Positioning the Sydney Swans brand as attractive and elevated with a new sense of prominence.


The build uses the latest web techniques to ensure search engine optimisation, browser compatibility and user accessibility. The WordPress CMS was heavily customised to deliver higher quality design values for improved functionality without compromising page loading speed.

With a particular emphasis on mobile users, the end result makes buying memberships and tickets online an enjoyable event that’s streamlined and easy-to-navigate.

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