You know what they say. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

At atomix, we understand how important security is to a website, which is why our security is as good as it gets.

stay secure with atomix

// comprehensive, reliable security

  • WordPress Core updates
  • Updating of all minor core security updates
  • Plugin updates
  • File permissions check
  • Folder permissions check
  • Server uptime monitoring

// advanced security for WordPress

We use a plugin that pulls together all the leading WordPress security features and techniques into a single piece of software. This eliminates the risk of any security check being overlooked and makes sure that as many security holes as possible are patched without the worry of conflicting features. With this plugin, we can also perform scans, find vulnerabilities and fix them in seconds; set your website to prevent logins during times when you’re away; detect attempted attacks and more. It’s like having a whole police force at your disposal, every hour of the day.

// security and update monitoring with WordPress Infinite

Your website will never be the last to be updated with the crucial security plugins. We use WordPress Infinite, the latest in multiple WordPress management platforms that allows us to update every one of our sites simultaneously. Which means potential security threats can be addressed before they take hold.