Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Once your website is up and running, it should be smooth sailing for 99% of the time. For that other 1%, our support is there.

plan for the future

// why do you need a website support plan?

Think of it like insurance for your new car. An investment in your investment. With a support plan, you can be sure that your website will quickly get back on the road and be humming along again.

// what does a website support plan cover?

Sometimes it’s not until your customers have been using your website for a while that you realise you need to add something. Like another form or a calendar. With our support plans, minor functionality changes are covered, as are adjustments to layouts. Naturally, they also cover bug fixes that might be required because of ongoing browser updates or other issues. And – although we’ll thoroughly train you and your team in using the content management system – you may find you’d rather leave content updates and additions to us. This time can be covered by your support plan.

// how it works

As a rule of thumb, the more advanced your site is, or the more staff who update it, the more time you want to allow for maintenance. We recommend that a set number of hours is pre-contracted each month to allow for updates and maintenance of your website. This also gives your website priority over non-support contract tasks, which means a faster response to your needs.

// The advantages of an atomix support plan

  • Peace of mind
  • Guaranteed 2 hour response to your critical issues
  • Contracted Support Requests are given priority over other tasks
  • No need for us to quote and then gain your approval
  • Your requests can be actioned without delay.