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Who do you ask to find out if your website is the best it can be? Instead of relying on a confusing mass of subjective opinions from the street, get some clarity. What you really need is a professional, informed review from people who live and breathe UX and website design.

It’s time for you to set a clear roadmap for success online. It’s time to get a website audit.

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// viewing your website through a digital microscope

We’re not going to list everything we consider in a website audit. But you can rest assured it’s a thorough process. And that it’s done from both a qualified, professional point of view and from a user’s point of view. We look at your site’s bounce and exit rates,visitor traffic and paths, what visitors do on your website and how they move through it. We discover what they’re searching for and get insights into shopper behaviour and more.

We also look at SEO and how your website compares to your competitors’ sites. Plus, our user experience experts will look at the overall design and accessibility issues, our copywriter at the content, and our developers assess the user flow, navigation, conventions, shopping cart and more. And we do it using various devices, not just from the mother-of-all-screens on our desktop.

// get a written report on website usability

This isn’t a cursory glance over your website and a few spoken throwaway lines. You’ll get a detailed written report telling you what is and isn’t working about your site from a user perspective. There’ll be recommendations you can act upon… including what we like to call ‘quick wins’ – small things that can improve your site straight away without going into a full-blown redesign. If it’s time to move on and get a new website, this report can inform your next website design and save you from repeating any mistakes.

// we won’t leave you dangling

Having prepared the report for you, we don’t leave you to face it alone. If you want help with addressing the challenges, we’re here. How can you make more money online? We know what works. How do you increase conversions online? We’ve got that covered too.

Having prepared the report for you, we don’t leave you to face it alone. If we can help you with addressing the challenges, we will.

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