Lots of people talk about strategy. You want to work with the ones who do more than talk.

Some people believe digital strategy is only about social media, but it’s much more than that. When we talk strategy, we look at every aspect of your digital marketing – in close up detail. And while we segment the strategy areas for practical reasons, we also look at how they interconnect and influence the big picture.

Start mapping the journey

// what’s all this talk about needing a digital strategy?

Darts without a dart board. Boats without a rudder. A tape measure without markings. See where we’re going? It’s ineffective. Get a digital strategy and understand where you are now and where you could be. Have set objectives, a plan to keep on-course and measurable results to use to fine tune everything and keep growing.

// your mission plan is a roadmap for online success

We call our digital strategy a mission plan – partly because we like a space analogy, but really because it reflects our belief in the value of comprehensive planning and analysis before putting pen to paper, or code to website. We start by looking at where you are in the competitive landscape and how your current website performs. We get into the minds of your target audience. We look at your content, SEO and the voice that your writing uses to connect with your audience. We identify weaknesses and uncover opportunities – and our mission plan includes solid recommendations regarding both.

// success is how you define it

One of the advantages digital has over traditional media, such as TV or transit advertising, is that it’s infinitely measurable. Which means you have proof of audience numbers, conversion rates and – ultimately – ROI. Our mission plan includes an audit and analysis of your current website and digital channels. With a baseline established for your online performance, together we can set SMART goals. You know the ones – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. Instead of wondering whether your digital marketing is working, you’ll know it is. But we’ll also work to continually optimise your marketing and make sure you’re achieving the best results and staying ahead of your competition.

// get digital solutions and we’ll deliver results

You tell us your pain points and we’ll figure out how to reduce or eliminate them. We may even find some you didn’t notice. Give us your business objectives or set us targets and we’ll devise a plan to achieve them. It’s in our interests to deliver the best possible results. We’ll be your digital partner, not just your website developers.

// grow your customers in number and relationship strength

Attract, engage, convert, nurture, optimise: everything we do focuses on converting your target audience into loyal customers. We’ll work on raising brand awareness, driving new and existing customers to your digital channels, engaging your audience, encouraging advocacy, increasing sales conversions, developing new touchpoints for people to interact with your brand, and optimising each opportunity.

Its time for you to have a clear roadmap to succeed online!