Content strategy is what keeps your content focused and working hard

Content strategy is about planning, developing and managing your content. Think of it as the manager of the world’s biggest rock band. The audience doesn’t get to see any of the manager’s work, but it’s essential for success. Meanwhile, the band or in this case, content marketing, gets creative – writing, performing and mingling with fans.

what are we waiting for?

// content strategy starts with your business goals

It’s no good sending out cute kittens when you want to grow your petrolhead audience. We look at aligning your content to your business goals, and figure out what’s the best way to achieve these goals. If we’re talking about producing a website, we’ll start with a review of the site map. This lets us understand all the potential interactions your audience will have with the website – and what sort of interactions, and in what order, will deliver the best results. It also allows us to determine your new website’s final site map.

// it’s all about the planning

Content marketing channels cover everything from websites to branded magazines. And while the channels may be wide-ranging, we’ll identify a few key themes for your content to make sure it’s relevant, valuable and share-worthy for your audience. We’ll also identify opportunities for regular and seasonal content, help you to ride off the back of what’s ‘trending’ and, most of all, stand out in a swirling sea of digital content.

// evaluate and measure

We don’t believe in sending out endless streams of content and hoping that it will hit some targets. Using analytics, we’ll track each piece’s returns, identify the successful channels, modify our strategy if needed, and make sure the work we do contributes to achieving your business goals.

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