Your digital marketing doesn’t start and end with your website.

You might think that all you need is a good website and SEO – because organic searches should deliver you a steady stream of customers. But, if this was twenty years ago, that would be like having a shop and only relying on a Yellow Pages line listing.

Launch a campaign

// use a digital campaign to drive traffic to your website

What happens after your website goes live? Once the excitement has died down, you’ll want to get back to work. Which means making sure that your target audience and your current customers engage with the site. Maybe you’ll want to run an ‘opening’ offer. Or look at increasing the average spend per customer. Or grow a particular group of customers. With digital campaigns, you can do this and more.

// digital campaigns give you a bigger bang for your buck

This happens in two ways. Firstly, by going digital you’ll dramatically reduce the costs associated with traditional marketing, such as printing, distribution and media insertion. Secondly, we’ll show you how to strengthen the impact of each message or campaign. We’ll have you successfully working multiple channels as easily as if you were handling one or two. This will drive better results for your campaigns and, importantly, give you a greater return on investment.

// automate your campaigns to respond to behaviours

Discover a new way to manage potential and existing customers. We’ll set you up so everything from lead capture to follow up emails to abandoned shopping cart emails will be automated. Have your communications triggered by a behaviour, like visiting a page or watching a video, or send out a regular emails every week to your customer segments. Run year round campaigns or develop as many as you need, each with its own optimised landing page. It’ll be like having a Marketing Department of ten, when you only need one.

// grow your customer base

Instead of preaching to the choir, let us help you to find new potential customers using organic or paid search and nurture these leads with a tailored campaign. We can also track visitors to your site and identify which sources are producing the most leads.

// get organised so you never miss an opportunity

What marketing goals do you want to achieve this year? What campaigns do you need to run? We’ll help you to create a marketing schedule that delivers. Plan it out in advance and review quarterly or as you go using our in-depth reports. With automation streamlining your processes and reducing your workload, you’ll have more time to spend on the fun stuff like strategy and creative – so you’ll never miss an opportunity, no matter when it comes.

// Let your website do the work for you

Having a website is a no brainer decision. It’s near impossible to do business without one nowadays. What’s smart is automating it to do the job of an entire sales force – cold calling, lead nurturing, incentivising, upselling, closing the sale, getting feedback, asking for referrals, and more. We reckon it’s an ongoing investment in your website that you’ll never regret!