A lean, attractive and fit-for-purpose website that has been streamlined to produce a seamless user experience for the public and a flexible and intuitive CMS experience for the Santos admin team.

Project summary

Key services:

The brief:

  • Streamline 2000+ pages and improve the IA to minimise user clicks
  • Create an easy-to-use CMS experience for quick information updates without a third-party
  • Build an ASX integration for investors
  • Develop an alert system for sitewide visibility
  • Design a contemporary website which reflects Santos’ updated branding and their position as a proud Australian company

The outcome

A bold and fully responsive website with a streamlined navigation structure that optimises the user journey. It offers scalability and flexibility through a custom WordPress CMS that enables Santos to design both unique and templated information pages.

The impact

  • 5% decrease in bounce rate and 31% increase in session duration using the new IA strategy.
  • Real-time ASX data embedded on the site to give investors a comprehensive source of current and historical share data.
  • Custom alert functionality for vital alert and information broadcasting.
  • Significantly reduced page depth by featuring key pieces of information using signposting and related content.
  • WordPress CMS for simple yet flexible content administration.

Visit the new website

The redeveloped Santos website is focused on providing an end-to-end exceptional user experience from the first touch point on search engine results pages through to investor engagement, community involvement and career pathways.

Our work with Santos continues with the launch of their improved Santos Water Portal website.

Our approach

While style and aesthetics are important, performance comes first with Atomix. 

With the ultimate goal of streamlining over 2,000 pages and posts, website usability was prioritised to deliver a site with clear way-finding and concise content that meets the needs of multiple audiences.

The intuitive interface enables users to easily navigate through to valuable, helpful content that is catered to every stage of the customer journey.

Utilising an inverted pyramid style, headings highlight key components with icons and imagery supporting the user’s journey across the pages. The constrained content width, extra padding and line height contribute to a more comfortable reading experience evident by the 14% increase in the average time spent on page by users.

Comparative website analysis ensured Atomix delivered the optimal user experience design for Santos which put them at the top of their industry in a digital space.

Since 1954 Santos has sought to be an industry pioneer, their website is no different.

Using WordPress, the Atomix team successfully created a functional and intuitive site with a classic, contemporary style that will last over time. The combination of clearly distinguishable showcase imagery and subtle animations positioned the Santos brand as attractive, individual and professional.

The nature of Santos’ business requires regular and timely information updates and event alerts. With the goal of flexibility and ease of use, Atomix modified WordPress functionality and empowered the client through training sessions.

With a modular page builder and multi-use blocks, Atomix optimised back-admin usability for scalability and flexibility of the Santos site. Page builder functions include:

  • Executive summaries
  • Highlighted content boxes
  • Accordions
  • Next steps
  • Alert broadcasts
  • PDFs and downloadable content
  • Related content

WordPress provides an intuitive, flexible and speedy experience for the Santos admin team. Content administrators can easily add and update information, resources and broadcast immediate event alerts – tasks which they previously found quite labour-intensive.

With investors being one of the primary users of the site, Santos requested an ASX integration to provide investors access to the latest news and share performance through high quality graphics.

Developed in-house, the integration is designed with the users in mind. Real-time ASX data is embedded on the site as a comprehensive source of current and historical share data, giving investors confidence, reassurance and vital information at a glance.

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