Supporting Zoos SA’s long term vision to lead conservation change, we built a website designed to emotionally engage visitors and encourage real-world visits and ongoing donations.

In the year following the launch, monthly traffic increased 81%, organic search traffic increased 70% and the goal conversion rate reached an outstanding 12%. As a testament to our ongoing updates and SEO updates, a year after the Zoo Shop went live, monthly revenue increased by 29%.


We helped Adelaide locals and tourists emotionally connect to the organisation and their animals by linking all three websites to the real-life experience of visiting the zoo. We incorporated fact sheets about all the zoos’ animals, a simple ticketing experience, conservation information, and easy-to-find daily planners for events into the websites to drive digital engagement.

Over on the Zoos SA site, visitors could learn about conservation, read stories about the organisation’s work, and explore learning opportunities for educators and others. A connection with the animals encourages ongoing financial commitments, such as ‘animal adoptions’ and donations, which have a big impact on the organisation’s conservation efforts.

Strategy & UX

To build that digital engagement for the new Adelaide and Monarto sites, we decided to create a ‘digital home’ for the zoos’ 250 species of exotic and native mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Each now has its own page with information about its species, conservation, and even personal bios and photo galleries for some of the critters.

Visitors don’t want to painstakingly search a content-heavy website for the information they need. The home page of each Zoo site updates to the day’s scheduled activities plus coming events and the latest news so their visitors can access all the important details as soon as they arrive on the website. They can also pre-purchase admission and animal experience tickets online to cut down real life waiting times.



Building three distinct websites under the one roof came with a number of challenges. Using WordPress and our previous experience with Multi-Sites, we managed to create a functional and intuitive group of websites that are similar, but with clearly distinguishable branding colours, as well as a great front-end and administration interface.

Some of the features that we’re especially proud of include swiping with a mouse or finger to change the day of “Today at the Zoo”, larger menus with dropdown images to make navigation easier, and header links to make switching between the different sites a seamless task. Naturally, all three sites are responsive, optimised for mobile, tablets and desktops.

Read the story behind the website build here.


With a vision to lead long-term conservation change through Adelaide and Monarto Zoos, Zoos SA new websites are encouraging visits in the real world, as well as increasing their memberships and increasing their audience’s commitment to ongoing financial support. Our continuing SEO efforts are seeing real increases in the traffic and amount of time spent on the websites.

To really take hold of the momentum, we have lots more updates on the horizon and some fantastic phase 2 ideas ready to get underway.

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