While we completed ZEN Energy‘s full website development project, we followed growth driven design principles and launched a landing page campaign. We generated 498 qualified leads before the new website was even live.

We used a conversion-optimised sales funnel and custom-built interactive functionality to turn their content-heavy website into a user-friendly resource and sales centre. In just one month post-launch, ZEN Energy have received 96 quote requests through our engaging form.

The Challenge

ZEN Energy is one of South Australia’s leading providers of solar panels and solar battery storage systems.

ZEN Energy had a content-heavy website that needed updating to support their new solar and battery storage business plan. While a full website development project was planned and implemented, they needed a fast, short term solution to promote their new product range and gather leads for their sales team.

The Solution

To promote the new product range, we designed a conversion optimised landing page. The sales funnel was focused on encouraging visitors to register their interest in solar and battery storage.

In conjunction with cost-per-click advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords search and display, we created blogs and set up detailed email marketing automations to nurture relationships and start conversations with ZEN’s extensive existing customer base.

While the landing page gathered leads and started building relationships, we developed their extensive existing content into a stream-lined sales funnel on the new website, making it easy for visitors to find information, discover solutions, and move to the next step in the buyer’s journey.

We divided the website into commercial and residential information and using inbound marketing methodology, we created conversion-optimised landing pages for their key product pages. This information is supported by a robust, filterable resources area and targeted blog topics.

The Build

While our external landing page was busy collecting leads, we transformed the existing ZEN website into a fully responsive resource of information, customised to provide an interactive and intuitive experience for visitors.

We built a calculator for people to find out how much they would save by transitioning to solar and battery storage, an interactive ‘Request a Quote’ form, and a menu structure that displays on click, rather than on hover.

The menu structure decision helps us gain more actionable data to understand exactly how visitors spend time on the website for continuous optimisation.

The Impact

While the full website was being designed and developed, our initial landing page campaign generated almost 15 000 visitors in just 3 months, achieved through email marketing automations, Facebook and AdWords advertising campaigns and search engine optimisation. Of these visitors, ZEN Energy received 498 qualified leads!

In just one month post-launch, ZEN Energy’s new website has generated 223 submissions on the home calculator and 96 requests for a quote. It’s a clear indicator that the website is a compelling interactive tool encouraging visitors to move through the sales funnel.

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