Through our collaborative creative and UX process, Venture Far’s new website showcases their high-value, innovative, customised travel experiences. The website’s newly structured content supports promotional activities that act as a funnel to attract new visitors, generate B2B and B2C leads and help to close more sales.

Within the first three month period of the site being live, we generated double the amount of Australian traffic they were seeing in the three month period leading to launch – and the Australian conversion rate increased by 83%.

The challenge

Digital disruption and an increased market for customised, personalised, experiential and adventure travel is significantly changing the travel industry.

Venture Holidays took the opportunity to rebrand as Venture Far, launching a new ‘B-2-All’ website.

Venture Holidays engaged atomix to uncover new branding and digital opportunities, as well as identify ways to optimise their position in the market with a strategic plan for ongoing digital marketing success.

The solution

Our solution was to create an interactive, user-friendly website to increase user engagement as well as support ongoing growth marketing campaigns.

By applying inbound marketing principles to the site, we reorganised the content structure around the needs of Venture Far’s user personas, including the natural inclusion of targeted keywords in updated content.


The build

We designed the website with a clean, modern feel, using full-screen elements to showcase the wide variety of travel experiences on offer.

Content is key for Venture Far, so they needed a way to easily edit and format their content without compromising on quality. We built a simple and easy to use content management system for the Venture Far team to optimise their content for inbound marketing.

The impact

Venture Far’s newly branded website reflects their commitment to immersive, authentic travel experiences.

The site is fully responsive, user-friendly and easy to edit through a simple, clean content management system.

We’ve implemented various conversion points across the site, to track user intent and get deeper insights into where people are leaving the sales funnel. The improved, content-focused site is an engaging place for users to be inspired by new travel adventures. By incorporating a wishlist option, users are able to browse and build their preferences, then send the list directly to the Venture Far team.

Venture Far are continuing to work with us to support their new website with ongoing growth-driven design principles, search engine optimisation, and short- and long-term inbound marketing campaigns.

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