Holco’s varied customer base needs to be able to find relevant information quickly, and feel confident that they’re working with a professional, reliable company.

Our focus on a conversion-optimised funnel and engaging user experience resulted in a low bounce rate of 38% and session length of 2:30 minutes, a clear indication that visitors to the website interact and engage with the content.



To bring Holco’s website in line with their image, the website needed an overhaul. The user experience wasn’t smooth, accessible on mobile, or selling themselves as an Australian-leading company. It needed to look professional and clear. We had to help customers find in depth information about each product easily. As the website isn’t an ecommerce website, our priority was to increase brand awareness by including information about their company, product, community involvement and how to order.

Strategy & UX

Our first port of call was redesigning the site architecture to make finding the complex and detailed product information easier. Using custom-made icons and a clear grid that only displayed information as it was requested, it was less overwhelming and more digestible. The website was also made mobile responsive to allow their growing mobile audience to access information on any device.


For a content-heavy website that needs to be easy to update, we couldn’t go past WordPress. We customised the content management system using Ajax so product information would only load as it was requested, making it much easier for customers to find the information they needed. We also used a modern homepage design, large feature panels, and sticky navigation so that the menu is always available.


Our focus was on creating an effective user experience that encouraged people to explore the information. While we don’t have comparison data from before the new website was launched, the numbers still look promising. An average low bounce rate of 38%, session length of 2:30 minutes and page count per session of 3.5 pages suggest that our SEO and user experience efforts have been successful; people that arrive at the website continue to interact with it. We hope ongoing content and SEO efforts will continue to encourage new and existing customers to find out more about how Holco can help their business.

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