Developing their website with an intuitive usability for mobile customers as well as an interactive map to showcase their wide range of locations helped Essential Beauty enjoy immediate returns after launch.

The sharp increase in traffic and significantly lower bounce rate opened the door to a surge in highly engaged visitors and online bookings.



The obvious solution was a fully redesigned website, bringing Essential Beauty’s online presence in line with modern standards. With more than 50% of Essential Beauty’s traffic coming from a mobile device, we wanted to create a truly responsive experience with a focus on mobile development. To really give customers an in depth range of information about the different services and stores, we included a searchable map of locations, and a Facebook stream and individual services and price-lists for each store.

Strategy & UX

The first step was designing with a mobile-first approach to reach customers across all devices. Those customers were also looking for an information rich experience, meaning we needed to make sure the website was capable of holding massive amounts of content while staying visually appealing and easy to use.
The user experience isn’t only for the customers. With more than 70 stores to be placed on a searchable map with individualised pricing and service information, we also needed to make it easy for Essential Beauty to add and update content across the entire website whenever necessary.


We used php, jquery, ajax and advanced custom fields in WordPress to create an easy to use administration area. This makes it a simple task for Essential Beauty staff to enter 70 stores worth of pricing data and service information. It also allows for an impressive and comprehensive interactive map to help each customer find the best store for their needs.



Relaunching the website in early 2015 led to some immediate gains including a sharp increase in traffic and a significantly lower bounce rate. Initially seeming like ‘launch hype’, the results are continuing to improve.
The intuitive usability for mobile customers, as well as the interactive map, is making it easier for customers to find stores, leading to an increase in online bookings and greater use of the website.

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