Elders’ large number of potential user types are now able to easily find the Elders brand or service, with our extensive restructure and redevelopment of their online presence.

Elders now provides tangible value and an intuitive user experience to their audience from the first visit. We also brought continuity to the Elders businesses through implementing a powerful location-enabled network bar.

The Challenge

As one of the leading agribusinesses in Australia, Elders needs to make a vast amount of information easily accessible to a variety of critical audiences. Initially, the project was to redevelop the Elders Home website, including their rural business, Elders Rural, and the Elders Financial Planning website, aiming to result in a more flexible content management system and advanced functionality options.

With a large number of stakeholders involved and a tremendous amount of website content, we guided Elders through our streamlined process to ensure the final project was a resounding success.

“I was very impressed with Atomix for both their technical expertise and the structured and thorough process they followed with our website project. We ended up with a web presence which more than met our expectations and was delivered on time.”

Michael Hall – Head of Digital, Elders

The Solution

To direct traffic to relevant information, we researched an alternative solution and decided to split the two original websites into three, separating Elders Rural from the home domain (www.elders.com.au). The elders.com.au domain became a portal, providing all visitors with easy access to all of the Elders Businesses, along with important corporate and investor information.

To make the Elders businesses consistent with each other, we restructured their online network and implemented a network bar for each of the network websites. The network bar links to each Elders website and includes a custom-built weather integration that provides forecast updates specific to the user’s location.

The Build

The websites were designed with a clean, modern feel, using full-screen elements while staying within Elders required branding guidelines. To make managing the three websites easier for Elders internal team, we built the three websites as a multi-site in WordPress, allowing for their team to be manage everything via one login.

We also developed a highly functional flexible page template with custom banner sliders, the ability to attach related content and calls-to-action targeted to visitors’ locations. The page template allows the internal team to easily create and edit new pages without limiting functionality or risking design inconsistencies.

Our custom-built databases for their classified listings and store locations were developed separately outside of the CMS and implemented using an API integration. This allows the information contained and maintained in the databases to be easily repurposed across websites, branded apps and future digital iterations.


“I’d have no hesitation at all in recommending atomix and this is demonstrated by the fact that as a business we see Elders continuing to partner with atomix for a long period of time.”

Michael Hall – Head of Digital, Elders


The three websites are now fully responsive, modern representations of the Elders brand. The Elders Marketing Team took out the Marketing and Comms Team of the Year award, with the new user-friendly and engaging digital presence surely being a contributing factor!

Organic traffic to the Financial Planning website increased by 32% and people are now spending nearly 100% longer interacting with the content per visit compared to the pre launch statistics.

Elders are continuing to work with us to support their new website with ongoing updates and improved functionality. We look forward to a long-term partnership with one of Australia’s most well-known brands.

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