A modern, high-tech startup needs a modern, high-tech website. Using HTML5, canvas animations and Sass, we built Buddy a high-performing, conversion-focused website.

In the first two weeks post-launch, the goal conversion rate jumped 136%. The new website engages with their target market and guides them through the sales funnel.




In January, we created a one page website for Buddy to coincide with their launch on the Australian Stock Exchange. The website had to expand to fulfil its potential. For the second phase of the project, we rolled out Buddy’s full solution. The final website refines their brand, increases the amount of content about their capabilities and benefits, and improves their visibility in search engines through SEO to successfully guide more potential clients through their sales funnel.



To achieve simplicity, clarity and relevancy, we created three landing pages to provide different information to different audience types. The homepage provides a clear overview of all the benefits that Buddy can offer. The Developers page includes all the features that a developer would be looking for and explains how they could utilise Buddy and then recommend it to their employer. The Platform page goes into detail about the features of the Buddy Platform and how it benefits business in a measurable way. There are also separate landing pages communicating directly to people in certain industries about how they could benefit from IoT technology.


We also ensured that the website is geared towards encouraging visitors to make sales enquiries by splitting the two main user types within the navigation. The landing pages steer these audience types into a sales funnel designed to answer the specific questions they may have. Part of this conversion optimisation process included quick and easy calls-to-action for users to start using the platform, and removing the pricing page in favour of obtaining more leads in the form of enquiries.


As Buddy’s product is highly technical and part of an emerging industry, it can sometimes be difficult to explain how the Buddy Platform works. We wanted to make this clearer by visually showcasing exactly how their product functions and how it fits into their clients’ businesses. Our HTML5 canvas animations bring our branded infographics to life.


Buddy’s website is fully customised, mobile responsive, and loads and performs super fast. WordPress’ Content Management System allows us to build flexible content page templates, so it’s easy for Buddy’s team to update and create new content as required. We built Buddy’s website using the latest front end technology, including HTML5, canvas animations, CSS3, and Sass, for faster and more intelligent CSS.


To monitor and track the performance of the website, we’ve installed dashboards and real-time reporting. It helps us get a picture of how people are using the website as it happens and constantly identify areas that can be optimised.


The new website helps potential customers find the information they need easily and guides them seamlessly through the sales funnel. It also helps Buddy present themselves as a growing thought-leader in the IoT industry by providing quality content in a modern, sharp style. In the first two weeks since launch, overall goal completions increased by 173%, and the conversion rate jumped up 136%. Engagement with the website has also improved, with a lowered bounce rate and more time spent per session.


The next steps in our partnership with Buddy include using marketing automation to nurture leads to a sale. Some of the techniques we’re employing include drip campaigns, personalisation, contact point assignment, as well as other ongoing SEO best-practices.

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