Baker Young’s website build incorporated inbound marketing methodology and resulted in significant improvements in sessions (+16%), bounce rate (-15%) and time spent on page (+45%).

In a highly competitive industry, Baker Young’s website generated an astounding 66 educated leads and 44 direct contacts in just two months.


While Baker Young is renowned in the industry for their expertise and service, their website wasn’t providing visitors with the same experience. In order to continue to grow and expand, they needed to develop a more professional platform for generating conversations with potential clients that lead to long term relationships. To achieve this, their website needed to focus on fulfilling the needs of their visitors.



To start converting visitors into clients, Baker Young’s platform needed to be transformed into a modern, professional website with a highly optimised sales funnel. To do this, we built the website using inbound marketing methodology. We moulded their homepage into a client-focused landing page, demonstrating the key benefits of trading with their company and highlighting their points of difference. By improving the content hierarchy, we made sure their expertise was unmissable, including an overhaul of the People pages to showcase each individual’s personal experience.

We also gave them the ability to gate their valuable content, so that visitors would need to provide their contact details before downloading information. This helps them educate prospects and gather leads, putting Baker Young in the role of a trusted guide as the visitor learns about the opportunities available.



Building a high-converting sales funnel requires accurate behavioural and usage data, so we installed tracking and analytics software that would show us exactly how people use the website as they move through the buyer’s journey. On-site marketing automation helps Baker Young to easily control crucial but repetitive tasks using an integral client management tool. The tool includes conditional forms that remember any information a client has already provided during a previous download and asks for different information on subsequent visits, giving their sales team as much valuable intel as possible.

To create the professional aesthetic befitting SA’s premier stockbroking agency, we used hover effects, full screen video, and a modern, clean, mobile responsive design.


In the two months since launching the new website, Baker Young has seen their sessions increase by 16%, bounce rate drop by 15% and people spend around 45% longer on the website. Organic traffic alone has increased by 25%. The revamped People page has become the second most popular page to visit after the homepage, showing how important it is in this industry to personalise the team.

Overall, in the first two months, the website generated 66 educated leads through signups to their newsletter, and 44 direct contacts made through contact submissions, booking consultations and phone calls.

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