If you’re not using your email address database, you’re leaving a huge well of opportunity untapped!

We get that making regular contact with your customers or audience is important. We also get that you still have a business to run. So, we make regular emails and e-newsletters as quick and painless as possible.

start saving time with us

// DIY or let us manage campaigns

We custom design newsletter and email templates to reflect your branding and suit the amount of information you want to share, whether it’s snippets or full-size articles. Our system is so easy to use that you manage everything after that – adding text, images and video; creating audience categories; sending, tracking opens and more. Or our team can handle it all for you, including writing the copy.

// stay in touch via any device

Our e-newsletters and emails are optimised for mobile and tablet reading. In 2013, 41% of emails were opened on a mobile device – with that figure increasing every year.* We think this is really exciting. Sure, it’s smart to use monthly newsletters to stay in touch with your target audience. But how about stimulating sales on a slow week or morning? Or building brand love with an email-based treasure hunt? Or sharing account wins as soon as they happen? When your audience can read your emails anywhere, things can get much more interesting.

*Campaign Monitor: Email Interaction Across Mobile and Desktop

// signup, unsubscribe, avoid spam complaints

Our newsletter management system works behind the scenes, automatically handling all new signups, unsubscribe requests, recipient bounces and even spam complaints on your behalf. You’ll be compliant with all relevant spam laws without having to think about it.

// see what’s going on in their heads

It’s not just about recording opens and bouncebacks. We can help you to get a better understanding of your audience and what motivates them. See which images are getting the most click-throughs, what times your emails are being opened, and how many shares you’re getting. A/B test your headlines. Trial offers – is % off more enticing than gift with purchase? Morph into the marketing genius that you really are.

// editing made easy

The newsletter management system has a live editor that allows you to see your email as you build it. Add text and images. Change the order in which items appear. When you’re happy with your newsletter, hit the send button, then follow your audience’s engagement with live reports.

// view live reporting for your e-newsletters

Get detailed yet easy to understand reports to measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send and map its reach. For every newsletter campaign that goes out, you can see who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to friends, liking it on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter.

// streamline your processes

With our mission plan in place, your job will be a whole lot easier. From automated emails to online newsletter registration, customer segmentation to abandoned shopping carts, planned social media messaging to seasonal integrated campaigns, we can help you give a personal, well-rounded service to your customers automatically, without letting it take up your whole day.

E-newsletters provide a fantastic way to interact directly with your customer base. Our simple and effective e-newsletter solution makes it easier than ever to stay connected. Contact atomix today to get your custom e-newsletter up and running.