The Benefits of Using A/B Testing

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | By Atomix
A/B testing

what is a/b testing?

Do you ever have two ideas for a marketing campaign and can’t decide which one you should use? We do. Would offering customers 15% off or a small gift with purchase be the better deal? That decision is often left up to an educated guess.

Rather than going with someone’s gut feeling, use A/B testing to make decisions based on clear-cut facts. What we do is make small changes to individual pages, divide visitors evenly between the two options, and carefully measure the conversion rates. Whether you’re looking for more email sign ups, more sales, or more social shares, we can find the adaptations that result in more clicks. Because really, the people who know the best way to convince your customers are your customers themselves.

so, why should you start testing?

It’s cost efficient:

By continually improving the way your marketing efforts, you make sure you’re only channeling money into the areas that are most likely to end in conversions, increasing your return on investment (ROI).

You encourage creativity:

With lower risks for trying new things, creativity is opened up. What little differences could have big impacts? Give them a shot; you never know what’s going to resonate with your audience.

Make decisions:

Instead of having to just have a guess or go with the most confident person in the room’s hunch, you can test your ideas and go with the one statistics prove to be the best. You can’t hide from results!

Automate it:

The more information you know about different sections of your audience, the easier it is to program marketing automation to meet their needs.

Get up close and personal:

Improve your relationships with your customers by speaking to them the way they like. You can find out whether they prefer something more casual or a stronger, more sales-centric tone.

Continually improve:

Thinking of different things to test keeps you focused on creating great content and finding out what it works.



results speak for themselves

When we A/B tested new ideas on the Duncan Basheer Hannon website, we found that the revised homepage had an increase in overall page engagement of 9%. There was an increase in engagement across the page, measured by the number of interactions people had with the different page elements. We saw this improved interaction rate translate into a higher conversion rate as well as a reduced bounce rate. And all of this was achieved by using the data from testing to streamline the website’s user funnel and create a better user experience.

the possibilities are endless

It’s not just homepages. You can improve so many different parts of your digital presence by playing off two versions of a project against each other. The tiniest change can make a significant difference, like changing a button from blue to red or removing one line of text. These are just some of the places we’re using A/B testing to continually improve the user experience and ROI.

Campaign management:

Whether you’re putting on a special offer or just looking to increase sales, A/B testing the image sizes of your products, the colour of the price or when to show the pricing will help you to maximise the likelihood of your customers following through right to the checkout.


By finding out which subject line gets more people to open your email and which links are more likely to get clicked, you can learn a lot more about how to engage your email subscribers and make sure you’re getting the most value out of your leads.

Social media:

See which images get the most click-throughs and how many shares each post gets before you send them out to all your followers. Will your post do better as a text post, or with images and video?

Landing pages:

Target different audiences (existing customers, existing leads, or new prospects) with a wider range of offers and trial incentives to optimise your headlines, copy and images.


Get a really close look at which ads are getting people through to your website. Use that information to create ads that are irresistible to your customers.


If this all sounds too much like hard work, you can leave it all up to us. We love the challenge of finding the perfect tiny adaptations that achieve big results. If you’d like us to optimise your digital marketing presence, get in contact!