​Why You Should Take Advantage of Instagram for Business

Thursday, October 6, 2016 | By Amy Sincock
Read time: 5 mins

Almost from the beginning, Instagram has been a digital marketer’s dream platform.

With over 60% of their 400 million active users logging in daily, Instagram has become the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

For brands, Instagram is by far the best generator of engagement, enjoying levels 10 times higher than Facebook and an enormous 84 times higher than Twitter! It’s no wonder that 70% of brands are predicted to be active on the platform by next year.

Traditionally, Instagram has proved challenging for brands in terms of reporting, offering nowhere near the level of detail provided on Facebook. We’ve had to work around the fact that we can’t link to other content (like our own websites or marketing material) and other than likes, follows and comments, have more or less been operating blind to key engagement metrics.

In good news that should get every community manager and digital marketer reaching for their celebratory beverage of choice, it seems the Instagram team have heard our wishes.

Enter Business Accounts on Instagram!


Posting on Instagram video


Creating a Business Account for your company or converting your current account into a Business Account gives you access to all the additional features and benefits we’ve been asking for. With featured contact details, detailed insights into your followers, and the ability to promote posts from within the app, it’s going to become a lot easier to gauge growth and measure the effectiveness of your posts.

As we all know, measurable goals are the key to showing return on investment as well as learning how to improve your performance, so whether your brand is already on Instagram or wants to start using a platform that brings businesses to life, now is the perfect time to get started.

Take a look at some of the great benefits below.


Add your contact information

Rather than trying to squeeze contact information into a short bio or hoping your visitors click your website link and search for the details themselves, your new business account prominently features your preferred contact information on your profile. You can include your address, website, and contact information via phone call, text or email. Your customers will be able to contact you however they choose with the push of a button.


Learn what to say and when

The analytics tools that are now on offer are going to be a huge help in improving your performance. You’ll be able to access a weekly comparison of impressions, reach, website clicks and profile views. To make the most of this feature, we recommend scheduling a reminder at the same time each week and recording your statistics. At the moment, you can only compare the previous 7 day period to the 7 day period before that. To get data over a longer period, recording it yourself is the best way to go.




You can also get insights into your top posts, your audience demographics (like age, gender and location), and a graph to show what hour of the day your audience are most likely to be active. With the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithm, this is powerful information that will help you see what’s working, tailor your message to your audience, and post at the right times to maximise your reach and impact.


Promote external marketing campaigns



The social media fans here at atomix feel like this is the real gamechanger: you’re now able to easily promote top-performing posts to your chosen audience and link directly to your website’s homepage or a campaign-specific landing page.

In a regular account, brands need to regularly update the website link on their profile if they want to highlight a specific page or campaign. Now, you can simply promote a post that showcases the value of your offer and send people directly to the next stage of the customer journey.


After creating or converting to a Business Account, follow these steps to promote a post:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Select and open the post to be promoted.
  • Below the post’s image, tap Promote.


There are three key specifications you need to include to reach the right people at the right time:

  • Audience – Who this campaign is targeted to.
  • Budget – How much you want to spend.
  • Duration – How long the promotion should run for.


After you’ve completed the options, tap Next, and finalise your promotion by tapping Promote. Instagram reviews each promotion to ensure it meets their ad policies, which usually occurs within 60 minutes. Once it’s been reviewed and approved, your promotion will begin!


New ways to reach your customers

Don’t forget that the new and exciting features added to Instagram regularly are also great ways to interact with your followers. You never know what will resonate best with your customers until you give it a go, so when a new feature comes out, start experimenting!





The Stories feature is perfect for giving followers a sneak peek into the inner workings of your company. Stories are a great way to advertise short term promotions in an engaging and interactive way, as well as put a more personal, authentic face to your company. Add doodles and text to pictures and videos for a bit of fun.

As Stories disappear within 24 hours, you don’t even need to worry about cluttering your profile page or posting something perfectly polished. It’s a little more Snapchat-esque – just have fun with it!


Dynamic Ads


Dynamic ads allow you to promote multiple products at a time to people who have already shown an interest in your company. As customers switch between your website or app and the Instagram app, carousel ads update with products related to those they’ve already looked at.

Dynamic Ads are a way to continuously advertise your relevant products directly to the people who actually want them.