Rev Your Engines, the Shitbox Rally Website is Live

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | By Atomix
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With only three days to go until Josh and Sam take off on the experience of a lifetime, last night we launched Shitbox Rally’s new website with a relaxed celebration at the atomix studio.


Shitbox Rally Website Launch


Shitbox Rally is an annual event that challenges teams to drive cars worth <$1000 across some of Australia’s most formidable roads, all in the name of charity. With over $10,000,000 donated to Cancer Council Australia in its 8 year history, it’s an event and a cause that we at atomix firmly believe in.

After working with the founder of Shitbox Rally, James Freeman, for five years, our director, Josh, and the team wanted to give something back to this incredible event. Joining the event and taking on the challenge was Josh’s number one priority, but as Shitbox Rally’s website was getting on in age, we also took on the extra challenge of building a brand new user-friendly website before the onslaught of media attention hits this year’s rally!


Shitbox Rally Website Launch


In just over a month, we designed and built a new, engaging website that’s mobile responsive and easy for teams and donors to use.

To promote the new website and reach our goal to raise 10k for the Cancer Council, we invited local businesses to come and check out the new website, find out more about the impact the Rally has on cancer research in Australia, and take a look (or laugh) at the $850 bomb Josh and Sam are attempting to drive from Adelaide to Cairns in 7 days.


Shitbox Rally Website Launch


We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who came along or donated to our team, especially our major team sponsors McMahon Services, Autolinc, Mott Group, Snowys, and Alexander Symonds.

We’re especially grateful to James Freeman for coming along to talk to us about what the Rally means to people who participate, many of whom have lost people close to them to cancer.


Shitbox Rally Website Launch


Josh and Sam start this life-changing adventure on Saturday 27th May and we’ll be uploading footage and updates of their adventures on Facebook and Instagram along the way.


If you’d like to donate and help us raise critical funds for cancer research, visit our ‘atomix does Shitbox Rally‘ page. Explore the new Shitbox Rally website to learn more about what the Rally’s all about.

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