Reducing barriers for small business to achieve carbon neutrality study

Friday, March 8, 2019 | By atomix
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We’re looking to engage small businesses in qualitative research to gather deeper understanding into their motivations, goals and challenges in achieving carbon neutrality. We are particularly interested in understanding small business’ experience with:

  • sourcing carbon footprint data;
  • building carbon accounts and reporting;
  • purchasing carbon offsets; and
  • the carbon neutral certification process.

If your small business is actively monitoring (or interested in monitoring) your business’ carbon footprint, purchasing offsets or considering carbon neutral certification – we’d love to talk to you. The interviews would be in-person, time-flexible and carried out at your business premises during May 2019.

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Why is this Research being conducted?

The purpose of this research is to understand the problems many small businesses have with achieving a zero carbon footprint and their barriers to seeking carbon neutral certification. The findings of this research will help inform understanding of how the carbon neutrality and certification process can be streamlined for small business, and help us create resources and tools that can aid small businesses to better engage in carbon neutral activities.


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About the researchers

Atomix is an Adelaide-based user experience design service provider with a commitment to delivering impactful social and environmental projects. You can learn more about us here.