Our Unusual Creative Process – and Why It Works

Thursday, November 12, 2015 | By Atomix
Read time: 2-3 mins
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Getting the creative process right is the difference between chaos and calm in an agency. We’re constantly tweaking and adjusting to make sure that we’re working in the most effective way possible. There’s always room to improve, but we’d like to tentatively claim our creative process as one of the best ways to get an enviable result in a timeline that suits everyone. If you’re looking for new ways to mix up your creative process, these are the techniques that are helping to give us the edge.

1- looks aren’t everything

Even the most beautiful website is useless if people don’t know how to use it. We combine modern user experience techniques with creative design so that our websites are free to dazzle their guests as the perfect host.

We do this by letting the user experience be the foundation for our creative design. Some of the tools you can use to do this are:

  • careful wireframing
  • rigorous testing
  • innovative designers
  • intuitive copy
  • in-depth audience research


2- no I in team

Collaboration is our key to making a website that works on every level.

Our clients are the experts in what they do, so we make sure to mine their knowledge as much as possible to create a digital presence that is a true representation of them and their field. Working closely with clients also makes sure that any little issues are raised early and fixed before they become a big and costly problem.

We also extend our collaboration love to the team. Like a lot of smaller businesses, we’re a close-knit group, made up of people who are passionate about their particular area of expertise.

With all the different digital marketing areas covered in house, we make sure that all elements of our websites are worked on by people experienced and excited about that area. Writers do the copy, designers do the design, developers bring it all together, and UX experts create a plan to get the website to act as a net or funnel for customers who are ready to buy.

No area is left to the last minute or rushed. We build each to complement the others, finishing with a perfectly oiled and functioning machine that is ready to work.


3- there can only be one

If you combine the two points above, you get lots of research being pulled together by lots of experts. This underpins the biggest difference in our creative process when compared to other agencies. Instead of numerous layouts and ideas, we give our clients just one concept. All of that research and design goes into the one concept that we think will look amazing, be easy to use, and grab the attention of the target audiences.

It’s a tactic that saves us time; time which we use to focus on delivering the right product, based on the project’s digital strategy and UX needs. It’s better value for clients and it works. This way, clients can focus on getting every detail perfect rather than splitting attention between 3 or 4 possible ideas.




Using these processes, we find that we’re able to offer a faster, more flexible, and more enjoyable experience for our clients. That said, we’re always looking to improve, so we’d love to hear any unusual techniques that you use!

If you have a project that you’d like to talk to us about, reach out to [email protected] or send us a message through our contact form.