Moving Offices can be Fun… New Residents at 102 Tynte Street, North Adelaide

Friday, July 4, 2014 | By Josh Boorman
atomix's previous office space

Finally the time has come for us to depart 4 Dequetteville Tce Kent Town and move to our new office at 102 Tynte Street in North Adelaide.


Moving is never easy, neither is securing an office in a good location that has carparks, workable space, natural light and most importantly the right feel for our team.  Our new office has all of these qualities and so much more.  Our previous office in Kent Town was a huge step up from our humble beginnings on Greenhill Rd at Eastwood.  Our first office was a rather small office boasting 2 little workspaces and a small board room table that fit 4 people (just). At a total of 42 square metres it was comfy to say the least.


Dequetteville Tce at Kent Town was the next step.  An old house that had been previously occupied by a bank (thus the reason for a vault next to the board room).  A lot of time and hard work  was put into the building to get it up to scratch.  In the image below you can see the work spaces we fitted around the room.  When we first moved into the office we had a total of 3 staff in this office.  The vision was to have a fully occupied room that was alive with designers & developers working on delivering excellent web sites.  In a very speedy 3 years that vision became a reality.  We were ready to move to a new home but we had more pressing issues than the want to move – The building was about to be knocked down!


Palumbo Constructions (our landlord) had earmarked the building when we first moved in as a site that they were likely to re-develop.  Notice was given, and we had to be out.  The pressure was on… Find a new office in 3 months.  WHAT!?  As I said previously – moving is never easy… especially if there are time pressures with the risk of being kicked out onto the street!  After many stumbling blocks with real-estate agents not staying true to their word, never calling back, and being generally difficult to deal with, I was starting to get rather nervous that I would have to settle for an office that just did the job.   Late one Sunday night I was again, trawling through trying to see if any new listings had become available.  I decided to expand my search further to North Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs – I found one.  From first looks I saw a funky building, architecturally designed with plenty of room to grow (it seemed to fit the brief).  I looked closer and starting getting very excited.  I called Jamie, “Mate, I think I have found the office.” The next day I called James Juers from McGees Real-estate and arranged to view the office later that day.  When I first walked in, I immediately knew that I had found our dream office. The buildings high ceilings with exposed beams and windows that let in beautiful natural light captured my immediate attention.  It had a huge amount of space with room to breath and grow.  I had to get it. With two weeks spare before being thrown out onto the street, a deal was done for our new home in North Adelaide.  As of today 7/7/14 we have been in the office for 1 week.  In 1 more week our office in Dequetteville Tce will be bulldozed to make way for a new high rise development.


It is definitely sad to see the old building go, but it is more exciting than ever to arrive to work and walk into an office that is now comparable with the quality of work we constantly strive to deliver.  Below are some shots from the move.  Many more photos are on the way!




The move begins



Atomix’s old office – 4 Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town



Tony’s car packed with the first run of computer equipment



Our new office at 102 Tynte Street, North Adelaide – The start of the move



102 Tynte Street – Re-organising the desks to get better use of the space



The team eating pizza late on Monday night



First day in our new office – still lots to do!