Mobile Web Trends, Does Your Site Perform on the Small Screen?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 | By Charlie Olsson

It is not difficult to see that the world is a place reliant on technology. Twenty years ago, you would be hard pressed to find a household with a computer and now it’s difficult to find a person without one in their pocket aka a Smartphone.

Whether it’s a mobile phone, Smartphone, or tablet, we’re obsessed with our portable devices that can do everything from help you load your email, go to your favourite website or navigate you through a city. Most people don’t go anywhere without their mobile device; in fact 8.5 million Australians own Smartphone’s and this number is expected to grow to 18.5 million by 2015! These devices have internet capability integrated and now more than ever, websites need full mobile compatibility so that their goods and services can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Mobile internet in Australia and across the world has become a necessity in this day and age with frequently used applications like Facebook and Twitterdominating mobile internet traffic. Applications are a major factor in Smartphone usage and although they do not exclusively use the internet many of the most successful ones do, with over 30 billion apps for mobile phones downloaded in 2011.With the introduction of the Facebook app its given people a whole new way to connect and a way to do it instantly. It’s a simple way to keep up on social events, interests and functions as well as just staying in touch. Sharing pictures, articles, reviews and videos across social networks have been made simple and instantaneous though its Smartphone app. So making sure your website and its content easily shareable through mobile apps such as Facebook and twitter is a necessity.

People don’t just use their devices for entertainment though, they’re now involved with online banking and control most of their finances through websites or apps and with the ability to bank comes the ability to spend. Online shopping has grown in popularity drastically over the past few years and it’s now made the jump to mobile devices. This enables people to view and compare products online and then order them to be shipped to their home at the press of a button, and this can all happen while they catch the bus…

Mobile devices have advanced beyond just communication through speech. Users access their mobile devices incessantly for many aspects of their lives. Australians use their web capable mobile devices to stay on top of social happenings and to learn about the world around them. They use these devices to communicate with one another, to be entertained by movies and videos, shop online and even handle their banking. One thing’s a certainty and that is that Australian trends in mobile web use are only increasing and will continue to grow for many years to come.

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