Meet Amy, Our Digital Wordsmith

Friday, September 11, 2015 | By atomix
Amy our blog wordsmith

Amy searching for buried links


UX and conversion optimisation depends a lot on site architecture and SEO, but there’s more to it than that. The other side of UX conversion optimisation is content marketing. So you’ve met Charlie, and now meet Amy, the other side of the coin and our digital wordsmith.


Amy is a storyteller at heart. Learning about people and the way they use digital tools is a huge part of UX, and she gets a lot of satisfaction out of creating a brand personality and story that people want to follow.


Her path to atomix was a little more rocky than usual. While advertising for a copywriter, we received an email from a fresh-out-of-uni Media graduate with a ‘hire me’ website  called “Ten Reasons to Hire an Amy”. While she didn’t have the experience to fit the role at the time, it did make Jamie laugh out loud, so when we had the need for a communications wizard, we knew who to call. In between, she’d worked for another agency and spent time doing freelance work for numerous small businesses, so it was a perfect fit.


Our Word Smith Amy

Her favourite quote: “So much universe, and so little time” – Terry Pratchett

As the Communications Coordinator at atomix, she covers a wide range of internal and client communication needs. She’s got her fingers in all the digital marketing pies, working on SEO keyword optimisation, Adwords, the mysterious secrets of Google Analytics and onboarding copy. Content and social media marketing, creation and strategy are where she can let her creative flag fly, like learning the ins and outs of video script writing. She also lends her wordy talents to our blogs (and is finding the experience of writing in third person a little bit weird).


When she’s not in the office, she enjoys letting whimsy take hold, and writes and performs in improv comedy shows with her troupe DamnitLeanne!, especially during the Adelaide Fringe. Amy also used to write a blog about all the best bars and pubs in Adelaide, so if you need recommendations, she’s your go-to girl!


If you’d like to develop your brand’s story and personality, or use content to encourage customer loyalty and business growth, send us an email to and we’ll be in touch!