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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 | By Hannah Chipperfield
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Here at atomix, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to web design and digital marketing. We’re always looking for ways to demonstrate our skills and further our collective knowledge in areas that create extra value for our clients, which is why we’re delighted to announce that atomix has added another tool to its already impressive arsenal…


After completing extensive training and passing rigorous testing, we have officially been recognised as a Certified Agency Partner of HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform! This certification recognises our team’s inbound marketing qualifications and expertise in managing fully integrated campaigns that deliver exceptional ROI for our clients within the HubSpot platform.


Our combination of inbound marketing expertise, specialised SEO and award-winning web design services makes atomix a formidable full service digital partner for your business.

What is the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification?

Founded in 2006, HubSpot adopted and advocated an approach to digital marketing that focuses on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful, rather than interruptive and annoying. Whereas traditional ‘outbound’ tactics (think telemarketing, direct mail, and TV advertisements) fight for potential customers’ attention, the HubSpot inbound marketing approach aims to attract qualified leads and build trust and credibility for your business by creating content that addresses the problems and needs of your ideal customers.


The HubSpot Agency Partner Certification is a globally-recognised and well respected measure of professional excellence in this inbound marketing approach. It requires forward-thinking digital agencies to migrate to HubSpot’s marketing and sales platform themselves, and undergo a series of training and exams to demonstrate their inbound prowess and technical knowledge of the HubSpot platform.



What does this mean for our clients?

This certification means we have been deemed fully capable and skilled in inbound methodology and using the HubSpot platform to deliver ROI-centric marketing and sales services for our clients. In fact, every member of our agency (19 people and still growing) is Inbound Certified, which shows our commitment to providing the very best digital marketing services!



The benefits of HubSpot Agency Partner Certification for our HubSpot clients are huge:


Assurance of Expertise

Achieving HubSpot Agency Partner Certification isn’t easy, and some agencies don’t pass. Being certified means that we have officially demonstrated and been recognised by the best in the business for our effectiveness as a digital marketing agency.


And because our whole team – from our developers to our Managing Director – is Inbound Certified, you can rest assured that we fully understand the ins and outs of inbound marketing, and how it can be used to improve your business’ marketing efforts. We’re also Growth Driven Design Agency Certified which means we are experts in this adaptive and agile model of web design.


Access to Inbound Marketing and Sales Resources

Being Hubspot Agency Partner Certified means we have direct access to the latest (and best) technologies, and marketing and sales resources. These resources and our commitment to testing and investing in new platforms and tech allows us to efficiently manage and maximise your monthly investment so that you are predictably growing your business.


Optimisation and Proof of ROI

HubSpot certification means we have the credentials and chutzpah to design, manage and execute inbound marketing campaigns for our clients that can be tested and tracked from start to finish. We use built-in tracking on the HubSpot platform to make sure your campaigns are constantly optimised for maximum ROI and to prove how these campaigns contribute to your business’ bottom line.


Save Money and Time

Having a HubSpot certified digital agency to handle your inbound marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to manage your business’ time and money. By having a dedicated team of inbound experts manage your website and digital marketing, your staff can focus on the essential day to day operations and providing excellent customer service for your new customers!



Why choose inbound marketing?

If you’re looking for a way to revive your current marketing efforts, there has never been a better time to adopt the inbound methodology. The internet has fundamentally changed the way consumers find, discover, share, shop and connect with businesses. They are better than ever at tuning out traditional, interruptive marketing tactics like cold-calling, direct mail and TV advertisements. As consumers take control of the messages they receive, marketing and sales efforts need to change and adapt.


By tapping into the lead generation power of inbound, you are positioning your business to succeed in the modern marketplace. At atomix, our inbound marketing approach brings together content creation, marketing automation, SEO, social media publishing, email marketing and a host of other features to deliver targeted marketing campaigns that effectively attract, convert and delight your prospects.


HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing and sales software provides all the tools and resources you need to do inbound marketing. Combine this with atomix’s HubSpot Agency Partner Certification and complete web design, SEO and inbound marketing services, and you have a recipe for success!


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