Why Hiring a Professional Copywriter Invigorates Your Content

Friday, November 10, 2017 | By Sarah Borgas
Professional copywriter working at desk

A website is only as effective as its weakest element.

Building a flashy, top-notch website with all the tech trimmings is great, but if the copy isn’t up to scratch, it’s not going to perform.

Trying to write your own web copy without formal copywriting experience is seriously difficult, but it’s a common mistake that many business owners make. Copy doesn’t only need to be useful and grammatically correct; copy should connect with a user on a personal level, win their trust and invite them to engage with your business.

DIY copywriting could end up being a huge waste of your time.

You’re just about to launch a brand new, flashy website. The final step is to fill it to the brim with content; about you, your services, and why a customer should choose you over your competitors. But you’re stuck. You’ve sat down at the computer, jotted down the title of the page and… nothing comes to mind. Where do you start? How much do you write? And how is this going to attract the customers you want?

Now it’s a day later and you’re closer to launching your site, but you’ve still got no copy. Sound familiar?

We get it. You know your business best, so who better to tell your story than you?



A professional copywriter will be able to help you clearly define your brand story and voice.

Of course you know your business better than anyone – it’s your business. But that can often be the root cause of your writer’s block; you’re too close. You can’t see the nuances in your brand story and express what your business offers in a clear, compelling way.

A copywriter can take a step back and offer a fresh perspective on your brand, distill your story and identify your unique voice. This will ensure that your web copy is consistent, helpful, useful and trustworthy.

Once you’ve got your brand voice and tone ready to go, you’re ready to start writing the copy for your website. But how do you make sure your site will appear on search engine listings?



A copywriter can also help you with search engine optimisation and keyword research.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic search engine results. A highly optimised site will mean that Google has a greater chance of finding your site, and you have a greater chance of reaching more customers.

SEO considers how search engines work; how Google crawls your site, the algorithm that dictates which sites appear first and the actual search terms that are typed into the search engine.

A professional copywriter can identify the best keywords and phrases to weave into your copy, and optimise meta descriptions, alt-tags, page headings and copy structure to ensure Google has a clear picture of what you offer.

Often, your website will be the first point of contact between you and a prospective customer. It’s your first chance to impress, and you need to build trust and credibility.

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Spelling and grammar errors aren’t the only problem that causes copy to fail.

Poorly written copy can do real harm to your reputation. If a user gets the impression that you didn’t care enough to invest in well-written copy, they won’t care enough to invest in your business.

This won’t only hurt your reputation with customers, but it can also affect your position with Google. If users are bouncing straight back off your website time and time again, Google will notice, and they will penalise you.

Don’t just double check; triple check your copy for correct spelling and grammar. Read your work out loud to see if your phrasing makes sense. A professional copywriter can spot spelling mistakes from a mile away, and they’ve perfected those tricky grammar nuances involving apostrophes, split infinitives and the notorious Oxford comma.

Once you’ve got users exploring your site, you need to encourage them to take action.


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Generating qualified leads is the goal; making it easy and compelling is the challenge.

An optimised landing page is your best option. A copywriter can create compelling content that encourages a user to take an action, whether it’s to request a trial, get in touch or download an ebook.

A copywriter can create a plan that will help you convert a website visitor into a qualified lead through the creation of great content. They can help you to map out your sales funnel to make sure your website content encourages each visitor to take that next step.

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Don’t risk leaving your web copy as an afterthought.

You’re building a brand new, responsive, polished website; your copy should be just as polished.

Great copy can spell the difference between losing users to the ‘back’ button and engaging more leads. A higher flow of engaged traffic means obtaining more qualified leads and, ultimately, increasing your business revenue.