Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 18, 2014 | By atomix
Orangutan wearing Santa hat

Like most people, we’re looking forward to a break over Christmas and the New Year.

We’re closing up shop from Wednesday, 24 December to Sunday, 4 January inclusive. But, we won’t be far away…

From Monday 29 to Wednesday, 31 December during normal business hours, we’ll be monitoring our support@atomix.com.au email address. If you have an urgent issue then, you can be sure we’ll be onto it.

Have a (insert your preferred adjective*) holiday season!

Best wishes from the atomix team

*brilliant, peaceful, fantastic, boozy, chilled, shiny, tranquil, festive, romantic, exciting, massive, crazy, long, slothful, captivating, family-filled, lovely, wonderful, danger-filled, watery, magnificent, never-ending, chocolate-y, sunshine-y, fun, busy, profitable, productive, slack, silly, sensational, super, stellar, great, good, nice, totally awesome