Meet Charlie, Our Optimisation Guru

Friday, August 28, 2015 | By atomix
Charlie optimisation guru

Seeing as we’ve been focusing on the different ways that you can get your business to convert more visitors into customers, we thought it was time to introduce you to one of our SEO and conversion optimisation gurus, Charlie!


Charlie joined the team way back in 2009 when atomix was still a relatively new player in the digital marketing game. In the beginning, it was only a 2 day a week job while he finished his architecture degree. While his graphic design experience was already impressive, Josh had him learn all about coding and SEO from the ground up. Once he finished his degree, he realised the web was where he was meant to be. Putting some of those architectural principles to work (ok, so it’s a pretty loose connection), his role evolved into the UX and wireframe building, sitemap construction and conversion optimisation that he is doing now.



His favourite quote: “The paramedic thinks I’m clever cos I play guitar, I think she’s clever cos she stops people dying” – Courtney Barnett, Avant Gardner 2013


He’s one of our early birds, and is often the person opening up the office for everyone else. A typical day involves a lot of analysis. We sometimes lose him in the mountains of data that we track for our clients. You can find him making sure your search results are on the up, looking for issues that might be stopping your customers from taking the next step, assessing search data, keywords and impressions, thinking up big ideas with Ness, training Amy in the magic of SEO, and ever-patiently answering Sam’s questions. A typical day also involves exactly 4 green teas – no more, no less.





If you think he looks familiar, you may have seen his long-haired former rocker self gigging about Adelaide on the drums. While he might one day be pulled back to the performing world, or maybe the football field (editor’s note: probably not the football field, sorry Charlie), we hope he stays with us forever, structuring and planning and developing and optimising to make sure all our clients’ websites are the best they can be!