Augmented Reality is Here and the Possibilities are Endless

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 | By Josh Boorman
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Apple ARKit is launching in September

Two Augmented Reality giants are about to go head-to-head.

Apple has gathered Augmented Reality (AR) app-makers to demonstrate some of the new AR apps made with ARKit that will roll out with iOS11 next month. The launch coincides with Google’s launch of their own platform, ARCore, designed to replace their existing AR platform experiment, Tango.

With ARCore and ARKit coming into the market at the same time, we’re excited to see these two megacorps compete to take control of the platform and be crowned King of Augmented Reality.



While Google’s experience with AR through Tango gives them a leg up in the development stakes, the potential reach of ARKit is going to be a gamechanger, with a possible install base on day one of hundreds of millions of devices. ARKit will work on any iPhone 6 or later and any iPad Pro, while Google’s platform will be limited to just Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy 8 phones in the beginning.


Read more about ARKit, ARCore and their differences on this great article by The Verge.
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The potential for companies and organisations to use these AR platforms and build better experiences for their audiences is huge.

IKEA have already unveiled an app that allows you to place furniture in your home and flip between different styles to find the perfect fit. Games like Our World let players and their friends slay zombies who appear to crawl out of the corners around them.



We’re wasting no time setting up plans to develop interactive AR experiences with our clients, eager to jump on the bandwagon and excite audiences with new ways to engage.

In the end, your audience has to come first.

The important thing to remember is that the excitement of a fancy new app will eventually wear off. A successful AR app needs to be valuable, useful and fit into your audience’s everyday lives, not just a fun new app to try out and ultimately lose interest in when the next fun trend comes along.