Welcome to the atomix Social Innovation Lab: creating business for good

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | By Lisa Burns
Customer journey mapping workshop with atomix team members

Introducing a new initiative from atomix that brings together people and organisations to make positive, impactful social and environmental change on a wider scale.

With a key focus on sharing knowledge and building awareness in areas such as sustainable design, design for good, and the circular and social economy, the atomix Social Innovation Lab aims to provide individuals and organisations with practical resources and approaches to make positive social and environmental change. It’s a participatory and collaborative program to discover, workshop and validate ‘ideas for good’ and enable launching of these ideas on a regular basis. 

What problems do we want to tackle?

In the SIL’s earliest stages, we asked the atomix team to put forward ideas for our launch challenges – essentially, the problems we wanted to focus on. The insights from the problems were reframed into ‘How Might We’ questions to turn those problems into opportunities for design. We kicked off the program with our first challenges:


Waste and recycling

How might we build awareness & change change behaviour around waste and recycling?



Climate change

Climate change awareness and action

How might we build awareness for climate change and its associated issues in Australia?



Orangutan Trekking ToursOrangutan conservation & palm oil awareness

How might we enable Orangutan conservation and build palm oil awareness?



Our approach

Each challenge began with a discovery and definition phase, where the teams carried out desk-based research and exploration to understand the problem space in greater depth using a range of systems-thinking tools.

atomix social innovation lab workshop team members participating in small group activity

The team hard at work creating cluster maps to explore the complexity of the problems at hand.


Upon fleshing out the complexities of the systems at play with these problems, it allowed the teams to hone in on the strongest potential areas; where solutions seemed most impactful. In this inspiration and ideas phase, the team participated in a number of iterative design workshops using design thinking techniques to draw out our thinking of how we might be able to solve the problem.

This included further desk-based research and collaborating with the wider community to help explore and focus our ideas further – and how exciting this was! Initially, there were around 20 great ideas – all of which had strong merits in one way or another to tackle these big problems.

atomix social innovation lab workshop team members participating in small group ideation activity

The team sharing and developing ideas together through sketching and ideation.


From here, we went into our shortlisting workshop, applying a formulaic idea validation methodology across all our concepts. This allowed us to select our final contending ideas to take into the experimentation phase where we are currently collaborating with local Government members and the wider community to develop and test our shortlisted concepts further. Stay tuned as we publish more about these concepts in the coming weeks.


Want to get involved?

We’d love to hear from you if you’re passionate and want to get involved, have ideas, insights or just a perspective you’d like to share on these topics. We believe that working together, we can lead the way for positive change that lasts.