8 Free Google Extensions for Time-Poor Designers

Friday, September 15, 2017 | By Malinda Fonseka
Read time: 3-5 mins
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To understand the benefit of time-saving web design tools, you only need to look at the to-do list of a UX designer.

User experience designers pull a host of visual elements together into a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. Using colour, typography and other visual elements, they communicate brand personality traits and guide visitors through a website.

Managing this delicate balance takes care. Matching a specific colour or identifying the perfect font can be the small challenge that breaks your flow and causes projects to blow out.

But don’t worry, designers. We have great news!

There are some fantastic web design tools available in the Chrome Web Store to help busy designers to find inspiration, analyse other designs and collaborate with their team. Even better, many of them are free! These extensions help you save time and improve efficiency, and are worth their weight in gold to a busy designer.

Whether you need inspiration to choose the right colour palette or to identify a specific font quickly, there are free web design tools available to help creativity flow and make your work day a breeze.

We asked one of our experienced UX designers to show us some of his favourite free Google extensions. Of course, in true designer style, he’s prepared the list in the form of a colourful infographic.

Take a look at our 8 favourite Google extensions to help you improve your workflow.

free google extensions for designers infographic

atomix website atomix website


Add the extensions to Chrome through these links to the Chrome Web Store:

  1. Font Face Ninja
  2. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
  3. Page Ruler
  4. ColorZilla
  5. Window Resizer
  6. Muzli
  7. Lorem Ipsum Generator
  8. Image Downloader